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There are five different character classes. You start off as a greenhorn. As soon as you reach level 15, you can choose one of the other four classes. But be careful, the selection is permanent and cannot be changed later. The selection of a character's gender is permanent as well.

Choosing a class

To choose a character class, click on the blue circle in the character menu. You can have a look around and carefully consider your choice. You can also select a character picture and a gender. The picture and gender don't change the advantages of the classes. Once you've chosen everything, select the character picture and click "Choose character class". As soon as you've made your selection all advantages become active and the picture is changed.

You can stay a greenhorn as long as you choose to, but after level 15 the speed bonus of being a greenhorn is gone. It is not recommended though because you would miss out on all the advantages of having a class.



Greenhorn.png Greenhorns are a little wet behind the ears. With a little more experience they will be able to specialize their skills in The West and find their path to fame and fortune.
  • The speed on the map is increased by 5000% until level 15.


Adventurer.png Adventurers are soldiers of fortune and curious discoverer. They don't want a calm and organised life, they love the risk and strive for the big fortune. Adventurers are the ideal characters for players that love quests jobs.
  • The chance to find a product when working a job is increased by 10%.
  • The chance to find an item during work is increased by 10%.
  • You can use hotels in foreign towns for free until level 2.
  • The chance to get hurt while working a job is lowered by 10%.
  • Starting with hit 2 within one round of a fort battle, you have a chance of 25% to keep from being hit at all for the rest of the round.


Dueller.png Duelers live for the moment. They love to duel. They challenge other players for a handful of dollars, out of revenge or even just for fun. Duelers rarely stay close to their town, they move from town to town looking for good opponents. Duelers are a good alternative class for very active players that like the conflict.
  • The speed on the map is increased by 10%.
  • The motivation for dueling raises faster. It is increased 20% faster.
  • You receive 10% more money in a duel.
  • In fort battles, you have the chance of 10% to score a critical hit. Critical hits deduct an additional 10% of the maximum hit points.
  • You can perform duels within a radius of 15 minutes without traveling there.
  • Your battle hardened instincts allow you to see which skills and weapon your opponent wield in the duel menu.

This does not allow you to see where they have allocated their skill points, simply what bonuses they receive from their equipment.


Soldier.png A lot of soldiers strive for fame and glory, others for the highest wages. They are known for their toughness. Even a hurt soldier keeps fighting. Soldiers are good defenders in duels and powerful in battles where they benefit from their skills with all kinds of weapons.
  • For each skill point given to the skill health points you receive an additional 5 health points for your character.
  • The level needed to use a weapon is lowered by 3 levels.
  • In duels you receive a bonus of 50% to your tactic skill.
  • In fort battles, you increase the leadership skill for you and your four neighbors by 25% of your own leadership skill.


Worker.png A Builder likes honest work and tries to avoid confrontation with other players. Builders are greatly needed in each town for the construction of buildings. Most builders keep close to their towns. Builders are a great choice for players that like to plan ahead and don't mind working for the good of their town.
  • The earned experience points for a job are increased by 5%.
  • You pay 2% less banking fees.
  • When constructing buildings in town you receive a bonus of 5% to your labor points.
  • The motivation to construct buildings in town rises by 10% faster.
  • In fort battles, the bonus of your sector is increased by 30% for you.

Profile Picture

Every class can create an avatar through the Avatar Generator system.