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|prod=Fire-extinguishing bucket

{| class="infoSet"
<div class="mw-collapsible">'''Firefighter set bonus'''<div class="mw-collapsible-content">
|+ <br/><big>'''Set bonus'''</big>
{| class="infoSet" data-set-id="1"
|{{SetBonuses|nb=1|job1=Fire fighter|job1_pts=15}}
|{{SetBonuses|nb=1|job1=Fire fighter|job1_pts=15}}
[[Category:Item sets]]

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Firefighter set

Item empty neck.png
Item empty head.png
Item empty body.png
Item empty pants.png
Item empty rarm.png
Item empty larm.png
Item empty belt.png
Item empty foot.png
Item empty animal.png

Firefighter set bonus
1 items
Fire fighter.png
Labor points towards Fire fighter