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The Rules

§1) One Account Per Player

Each player must only play one account per world. It is not allowed to disclose your password to other players, nor is it allowed to use the same password. You are not allowed to play or look after another player’s account. An account can only be played by one player.


  • It is forbidden for a player to log in to another member’s account for any reason.
  • Giving your password to another player, or allowing anyone else to access your account is forbidden.
  • Forcing entry to another account is prohibited. Even attempting to do so is a violation of the rules.

§2) Players sharing an internet connection

Players that share an internet connection or live in the same household may not duel each other nor may they coordinate duels against another player. At least 12 hours must have passed between the duels. Fort battles are exempt from this rule.

§3) Communications

Player and town profiles will be free of politically extreme, pornographic, profane or unlawful material. It is not permitted for a player to post advertisements or links to other web based games, referral systems or money making schemes on any of the ingame communications tools. Correspondence between players using the telegram and chat system will be free of insults and profanity. Players using the telegram and chat system to advertise any browser games other than those produced by Innogames will be permanently banned.


  • It is allowed to link to suitable Youtube videos
  • It is allowed to link to web games operated by InnoGames GmbH, but no others

§4) Language

This is the International version of the West. While private communications may be written in any language, all profiles must be written in English or provide an accurate English translation of any non-English text that may be included. Certain idioms that are commonly used in English but are derived from other languages are allowed. Examples of this include "Carpe Diem" or "Exitus acta probat". It is against the rules to exclude other players because of their nationality. Repeated violations of the rule will lead to an account ban.

§5) Exclusion/Racism

It is against the rules to exclude, due to race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation, other players from joining towns or participating in fort wars.

§6) Push duels

A player may not intentionally take part in a prearranged duel for the sole purpose of providing or receiving from his opponent experience points or money.

§7) Bugs

Each player is required to report critical errors immediately to game support. A player must not take advantage of a bug. In so doing they have violated the rules and will be subject to an escalating time ban.


  • If you notice that a character has too many skill points you must report it.
  • If you notice a spelling error or typo, you do not need to report it.

§8) Bots

The game may only be played with a conventional browser. Macros, scripts and/or bots that automatically log on or trigger game actions are prohibited unless they have been approved my the West Team. Please refer to the forum for a list of allowed scripts or to submit yours for approval.


  • It is prohibited to use a program that automatically queues work for an account.

§9) Account sales

It is forbidden for accounts or in-game activities to be involved in any financial transaction.


  • A player may not purchase, sell or offer a game account on Ebay or any other sales medium.
  • A player may not offer, request or extort nuggets in exchange for in-game activities.

§10) General Ban

The administrators of the are the final arbiters of any rules dispute. Their interpretation of these rules is final. We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the game. All players have the right to appeal any ban via the Support System.

§11) Account deletion

A player can be deleted for a variety of reasons. If an account is inactive for over 45 days it may be automatically deleted.


  • Unsuitable behavior towards the administration or support team may lead to an account being banned and\or immediately deleted depending on the severity of the abuse.
  • Abuse of the support system may also lead to an account being banned or deleted.