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International Team

  • All moderators are volunteers recruited, from the player base, by the Community Managers. To ensure no bias is involved, Deputy Sheriffs & Deputy Marshals will not moderate a world in which they play.
  • Deputy Sheriffs moderate specific forums. If you have any questions about the rules, you may contact them via a Private Message.
  • Sheriffs oversee moderation. You may contact a Sheriff, via Private Message, if you have any questions or concerns regarding a Deputy Sheriff, or for any infractions or notices received.
  • Marshals & Deputy Marshals are in-game moderators. Please do not send them a Private Message regarding in-game issues. You you will need to create a support ticket ingame.
  • If your questions are not satisfactorily answered by the Sheriff or Marshal, you may contact one of the Community Managers.

Community Manager

In-Game Moderators

  • Slygoxx (Marshal & Deputy Sheriff)
  • Nisa (Marshal, Deputy Sheriff & GM Master)
  • Kaos101 (Deputy Marshal)
  • Apelatia (Deputy Sheriff & Marshall)

Forum Moderators

  • Futurama1001 (Sheriff)
  • Lord Regal (Sheriff)
  • Sambee (Deputy Sheriff)
  • Apelatia (Deputy Sheriff & Marshal)
  • Gunsmoke 4ever (Deputy Sheriff & Deputy Marshall)
  • Nisa (Marshal, Deputy Sheriff & GM Master)
  • Slygoxx (Marshal & Deputy Sheriff)

GM Team

  • Cat Marshall
  • foscock
  • Gunsmoke 4ever
  • Nisa