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To access this questline you must finish:


Something is calling you

Quest Giver Requirements Requires Reward
Waupee's Indian village.png
Go to:
Waupee's Indian village.png

Explore The West

You wake up and you have this feeling you need to visit the village of Waupee tribe. Once you hare there, you hear a noise from the forest. Sounds like someone is calling you... or maybe something. "sssssssss.... you.... you n... need to.... ssss..... find me...."What else can you do? You take your water with you and start to explore the forest nearby.
After a long journey and looking for someone who is calling you, you arrive to the center of the continent. During the search you came up with a small twig with a few green plants.When you grasp the twig in your hand, you feel an unusual surge of strength, and you hear this strange voice once again. The voice comes from the twig!You know The West like no other! From today you are the chosen one who will keep order in the world!