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Fort battles use six skills:

  • Health
  • Leadership
  • Dodging
  • Aiming
  • Stamina
  • Hiding

Ranking of Skills

Whilst fort battle skills may appear to have equal importance, this is not exactly true. Whilst Health is by far superior to all other skills, of the five remaining skills there is a slight hierarchy. This hierarchy is as follows:

2. Leadership

Leadership is used in every action. It assists both the attackers and defenders in all aiming and dodging, as well as increasing the likelihood of your character gaining moving and shooting priority over your comrades.

3. Dodging

Whilst you only have one opportunity to shoot each round, it is possible to be the target of tens of enemies in that same round. This makes dodging a critical skill that will greatly enhance your health and chances of victory in a tight situation.

4. Aiming

Particularly when the introduction of the golden gun, the ability to hit your mark can easily inflict severe damage upon your enemies. You will also find this helpful when facing "HP Tanks", who often determine the outcome of a close battle.

5. Stamina

When attacking a fort you are opposing a team lined across defence structures offering generous bonuses, so it is important you have plenty of stamina to help minimise this disadvantage as much as possible.

6. Hiding

When defending the fort you often have all the bonuses you need, so Hiding is not an overly important skill. However, as with all bonuses, it all helps.

Distributing Skills

Without considering Health in the entirety of this section, it is very easy to fall into the trap of placing all your skill points in Leadership. Unfortunately this is not beneficial, as the bonus formula raises your skill points to a negative value, essentially meaning every skill point added is less effective than the last.

To examine this phenomenon, please refer to the graph below. The red line shows the bonuses of an attacker aiming with all his 3X skill points in Leadership, whilst the green line shows the bonuses of this same player who has evenly split his 3X skill points between Leadership, Aiming and Stamina.

Fort guide graph.png

Of course, this diagram is not accurate in a real situation, as when fighting fort battles we aren't always an attacker aiming. Below is a graph showing a real comparison of a player with all his X skill points in Leadership and the same player who has evenly split his X skill points between all five five skills.

Fort guide graph 2.png

From these graphs it is clear that in reality the difference is not as large, but a diverse spread of skills remains to offers an important tactical advantage over "massing" ones skills.

Importance of Health

By examining the second graph above we can also observe how minimal aiming and dodging bonuses, from skill points, truly are. Neither line reaches above a 15 bonus from skill points, even when extended as far as utilising 500 skill points! By comparison, consider that:

  • When aiming, you receive an automatic 25 bonus. Dodging also receives an automatic bonus of 10.
  • When standing on the towers you can receive bonuses as high as 27 for aiming, 20 for dodging and a class bonus of 20.
  • For a (non-premium) level 120 soldier, 500 skill points in Health provides a total health point count of 8700, even more with premium.

It is for this reason that Health will always be the far preferred skill. Not only are the alternatives of the other five skills fairly bleak, but having the ability to survive up to seven times longer than an enemy of a similar level poses a significant advantage. This time advantages gives you opportunity to kill seven times as many people and it take seven times more people to be killed; you are essentially a fighting unit of seven people, even if you have a tad less luck when aiming and dodging.

Recommended Build

Whilst the concepts discussed above are ideal in their pure form, the "best" fort build is quite a complex question. Not only must you consider the advantages of dedicating 90% of your skill points towards health and a mere 10% towards the other five, but you must balance the fact that Health does not contribute towards labour points for any job and is therefore very slow and tedious to use when progressing your character through the earlier levels. It is often a good idea to consider working from a "pure" build in one of the other five fort skills, usually Stamina if you don't hold the luxury of Placating the Shaman, and then respeccing to your desired build later on.

Also, do not forget the importance of clothing in these calculations. It is often possible to use clothing to cover either a lack of health early on or a complete absence of lesser fort skills later on. See the Fort Battle Builds Guide for further information regarding this.