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Some items, when worn together, form an item set. Each item set provides unique bonuses that can't be matched by any other combination of items.

Set icon.png
Wear Golden Colt.png
Wear Golden Gun.png
Set icon.png
Wear Wool poncho.png
Wear Found hat.png
Wear Greenhorn shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Dancer's dress.png
Wear Hair feather.png
Wear High heels.png
Set icon.png
Wear Black clothing.png
Wear Brown slouch hat.png
Wear Black work shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Fancy dress coat.png
Wear Brown top hat.png
Wear Fancy shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Indian clothing.png
Wear Indian feather hat.png
Wear Moccasins.png
Set icon.png
Wear Brown Poncho.png
Wear Sombrero.png
Wear Sandals.png
Set icon.png
Wear Pilgrim's shirt.png
Wear Pilgrim's hat.png
Wear Pilgrim's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Pilgrim's gown.png
Wear Pilgrim's woolly hat.png
Wear Pilgrim's dress shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Brown waistcoat.png
Wear Black bowler hat.png
Wear Charlatan's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Night gown.png
Wear Night cap.png
Wear Slippers.png
Set icon.png
Wear Reporter jacket.png
Wear Reporter hat.png
TW-Times Anniversary Issue.png
Set icon.png
Wear Collector's jacket.png
Wear Collector's hat.png
Wear Collector's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Bunny costume.png
Wear Bunny ears.png
Wear Bunny feet.png
Set icon.png
Wear Desi's robe.png
Wear Duduie's pointed hat.png
Wear Futu's wicked clogs.png
Set icon.png
Bucket fire.png
Set icon.png
Wear Rupert Walker's coat.png
Wear Rupert Walker's hat.png
Wear Rupert Walker's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Cupid's wings.png
Wear Cupid's locks.png
Wear Cupid's winged boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Party jacket.png
Wear Party hat.png
Wear Party shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Fair vest.png
Wear Fair hat.png
Wear Fair shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Soap opera shirt.png
Wear Soap opera hat.png
Wear Soap opera shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Christopher's parade shirt.png
Wear Christopher's parade hat.png
Wear Christopher's parade shoes.png
Set icon.png
BBQ apron.png
Set icon.png
Wear Confederate Uniform.png
Wear Confederate hat.png
Wear Confederate lace-ups.png
Set icon.png
Wear The Shirt with no name.png
Wear The Hat with no name.png
Wear The Shoes with no name.png
Set icon.png
Wear Prairie Jacket.png
Wear Prairie Hat.png
Wear Prairie Boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Duelist Shirt.png
Wear Duelist Hat.png
Wear Duelist's spurred shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Worker's Vest.png
Wear Worker's Hat.png
Wear Worker's Brogue.png
Set icon.png
Wear Adventurer's Leather Jacket.png
Wear Adventurer's Hat.png
Wear Adventurer's Boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Soldier's Coat.png
Wear Soldier's Hat.png
Wear Soldier's High Boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Halloween shirt.png
Wear Halloween hat.png
Wear Halloween boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear The Outlaw's coat.png
Wear The Outlaw's hat.png
Wear The Outlaw's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Gonzales' shirt.png
Wear Gonzales' sombrero.png
Wear Gonzales' sandals.png
Set icon.png
Wear St. Patrick's jacket.png
Wear St. Patrick's hat.png
Wear St. Patrick's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Veteran horse.png
Set icon.png
Wear Cook's waistcoat.png
Wear Cook's hat.png
Wear Cook's shoes.png


Icon xmas.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Chingachgook's breast plate.png
Wear Chingachgook's crow.png
Wear Chingachgook's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Natty Bumppo's coat.png
Wear Natty Bumppo's hat.png
Wear Natty Bumppo's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Allan Quatermain's jacket.png
Wear Allan Quatermain's hat.png
Wear Allan Quatermain's boots.png


Icon easter.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Freeman's jacket.png
Wear Freeman's hat.png
Wear Freeman's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Doc's coat.png
Wear Doc's hat.png
Wear Doc's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Cartwright's vest.png
Wear Cartwright's hat.png
Wear Cartwright's shoes.png
Icon independance.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Will Munny's coat.png
Wear Will Munny's Hat.png
Wear Will Munny's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Jeremiah Johnson's waistcoat.png
Wear Jeremiah Johnson's hat.png
Wear Jeremiah Johnson's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Elfego Baca's vest.png
Wear Elfego Baca's hat.png
Wear Elfego Baca's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Jacket of Independence.png
Wear Hat of Independence.png
Wear Boots of Independence.png
Set icon.png
Wear Icy Scythe.png
Wear Inferno.png
Icon oktoberfest.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Frank Eaton's Jacket.png
Wear Frank Eaton's Hat.png
Wear Frank Eaton's Shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear George McJunkin's Jacket.png
Wear George McJunkin's Hat.png
Wear George McJunkin's Boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear King Fisher's Jacket.png
Wear King Fisher's Hat.png
Wear King Fisher's Boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Traditional Bavarian Jacket.png
Wear Traditional Bavarian Hat.png
Wear Traditional Bavarian Shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Stormcaller Rifle.png
Wear Lightningbolt Revolver.png
Icon xmas.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Winter coat.png
Wear Winter hat.png
Wear Winter boots.png


Icon valentine.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Lover's Jacket.png
Wear Lover's hat.png
Wear Lover's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Valentinus' decent shirt.png
Wear Valentinus' leather hat .png
Wear Valentinus' boots.png
Icon easter.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Cullen Baker's jacket.png
Wear Cullen Baker's hat.png
Wear Cullen Baker's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Bass Reeves' coat.png
Wear Bass Reeves' hat.png
Wear Bass Reeves' shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Pat Desmond's shirt.png
Wear Pat Desmond's hat.png
Wear Pat Desmond's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Easter Showdown coat.png
Wear Easter Showdown hat.png
Wear Easter Showdown boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Steam powered rifle.png
Wear Steam powered revolver.png
Icon independance.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Black Bart's jacket.png
Wear Black Bart's hat.png
Wear Black Bart's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Bob Dalton's coat.png
Wear Bob Dalton's hat.png
Wear Bob Dalton's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Jesse Chisholm's jacket.png
Wear Jesse Chisholm's hat.png
Wear Jesse Chisholm's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Thomas Jefferson's Independence coat.png
Wear Thomas Jefferson's Independence hat.png
Wear Thomas Jefferson's Independence boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Dragon rifle.png
Wear Katana.png
Icon oktoberfest.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Bill Doolin's coat.png
Wear Bill Doolin's hat.png
Wear Bill Doolin's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Deadwood Dick's jacket.png
Wear Deadwood Dick's hat.png
Wear Deadwood Dick's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Frank James' shirt.png
Wear Frank James's hat.png
Wear Frank James' boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Ludwig's Oktoberfest shirt.png
Wear Ludwig's Oktoberfest hat.png
Wear Ludwig's Oktoberfest shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Bola of Manitu.png
Wear Bow of Manitu.png
Icon dotd.png  
Set icon.png
Wear La Catrina's blouse.png
Wear La Catrina's hat.png
Wear La Catrina's pumps.png
Set icon.png
Wear Mariachi jacket.png
Wear Mariachi sombrero.png
Wear Mariachi boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Nobleman's suit jacket.png
Wear Nobleman's hat.png
Wear Nobleman's shiny shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Aztecan top.png
Wear Aztecan topknot.png
Wear Aztecan boots.png
Icon xmas.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Ghost of Christmas future's cloak.png
Wear Ghost of Christmas present's hairdo.png
Wear Ghost of Christmas future's shoes.png


Icon valentine.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Romeo's jacket.png
Wear Romeo's hat.png
Wear Romeo's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Bartender's shirt.png
Wear Bartender's hat.png
Wear Bartender's shoes.png
Icon easter.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Earp's coat and vest.png
Wear Earp's hat.png
Wear Earp's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Eastwood's vest.png
Wear Eastwood's stetson.png
Wear Eastwood's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Pinter's coat.png
Wear Pinter's hat.png
Wear Pinter's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Easter's coat.png
Wear Easter's bowler hat.png
Wear Easter's shining boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Fully-steamed rifle.png
Wear Steam tomahawk.png
Icon independance.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Prospector's shirt.png
Wear Prospector's hat.png
Wear Prospector's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Scout's jacket.png
Wear Scout's hat.png
Wear Scout's long boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Builder's shirt.png
Wear Builder's stetson.png
Wear Builder's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Parade jacket.png
Wear Parade hat.png
Wear Parade shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Wild Bill's rifle.png
Wear Wild Bill's revolver.png
Icon oktoberfest.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Collin's shirt.png
Wear Collin's sun hat.png
Wear Collin's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Corey's jacket.png
Wear Corey's stetson.png
Wear Corey's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Aird's old shirt.png
Wear Aird's miner helmet.png
Wear Aird's worn shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Johann's shirt.png
Wear Johann's seppel hat.png
Wear Johann's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Bali Papua bow.png
Wear Bali Blowpipe.png
Icon dotd.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Rowe's festive jacket.png
Wear Rowe's hair clip.png
Wear Rowe's festive boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Gordon's coat.png
Wear Gordon's stetson.png
Wear Gordon's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Skarunyate's jacket.png
Wear Skarunyate's hat.png
Wear Skarunyate's shoes.png
Icon xmas.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Nicolas' coat.png
Wear Nicolas' hat.png
Wear Nicolas' boots.png


Icon valentine.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Crow's coat.png
Wear Crow's hat.png
Wear Crow's moccasins.png
Set icon.png
Wear Juan's jacket.png
Wear Juan's hat.png
Wear Juan's boots.png
Icon easter.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Detective's coat.png
Wear Detective's hat.png
Wear Detective's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Wanderer's coat.png
Wear Wanderer's hat.png
Wear Wanderer's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Shawnee's shirt.png
Wear Shawnee's headband.png
Wear Shawnee's moccasins.png
Set icon.png
Wear Raven wings.png
Wear Raven mask.png
Wear Raven boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Tlingit Dancer's club.png
Wear Tlingit Dancer's bow.png
Icon independance.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Stranger’s warm coat.png
Wear Stranger‘s favorite hat.png
Wear Stranger’s high boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Runner’s chinese shirt.png
Wear Runner’s straw hat.png
Wear Runner’s comfy shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Smithy’s dusty shirt.png
Wear Smithy’s dusty hat.png
Wear Smithy’s dusty shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Wolfman’s fury robe.png
Wear Wolfman’s wolf head.png
Wear Wolfman’s silent moccasins.png
Set icon.png
Wear Good old rifle.png
Wear Good old sword.png
Icon oktoberfest.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Lee's coat.png
Wear Lee's hat.png
Wear Lee's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Villa's jacket.png
Wear Villa's hat.png
Wear Villa's boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Seminole's shirt.png
Wear Seminole's head cloth.png
Wear Seminole's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Fridolin's traditional vest.png
Wear Fridolin's walking hat.png
Wear Fridolin's alpine boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Wheel lock rifle.png
Wear Wheel lock battle axe.png
Icon dotd.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Dancer shirt.png
Wear Dancer head band.png
Wear Dancer shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Hombre's jacket.png
Wear Hombre's sombrero.png
Wear Hombre's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Skeletonman's jacket.png
Wear Skeletonman's hat.png
Wear Skeletonman's shoes.png
Icon xmas.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Ded Moroz's coat.png
Wear Ded Moroz's hat.png
Wear Ded Moroz's boots.png
Icon cs.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Pocket revolver.png
Wear Berber musket.png
Set icon.png
Wear Colcord's vest.png
Wear Colcord's hat.png
Wear Colcord's high boots.png
Set icon.png
Wear Wright brothers' plane.png


Icon valentine.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Matoaka's tunic.png
Wear Matoaka's feathers.png
Wear Matoaka's moccasins.png
Set icon.png
Wear John Rolfe's coat.png
Wear John Rolfe's hat.png
Wear John Rolfe's boots.png
Icon easter.png  
Set icon.png
Wear John Wesley Hardin's coat.png
Wear John Wesley Hardin's hat.png
Wear John Wesley Hardin's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Pat Garrett's vest.png
Wear Pat Garrett's hat.png
Wear Pat Garrett's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Butch Cassidy's coat.png
Wear Butch Cassidy's hat.png
Wear Butch Cassidy's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Mayan's poncho.png
Wear Mayan's head dress.png
Wear Mayan's shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Hawaiian spears.png
Wear Hawaiian Koa weapon.png
Icon cs.png  
Set icon.png
Wear Wright Brothers' coat.png
Wear Wright Brothers' hat.png
Wear Wright Brothers' shoes.png
Set icon.png
Wear Football clothing.png
Wear Football helmet.png
Wear Football boots.png

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