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What is Wiki The-West?

This Wiki is, simply put, an information database of compiled data for the browser-based game, The West. The Wiki as a whole is managed by a dedicated team of Sysops and Admins, a list of which can be found here. Any questions concerning the Wiki, Abuse, Vandalisation, Blackmail, Flaming, etc., should be reported to Futurama1001 through his talk page, found by clicking the Discussion tab on their user page.

It should be noted we have no control over in-game matters and should not be contacted about any of the fore mentioned, disputes, or anything taking place in-game. For said matters you should contact a The West Team member from the The West homepage.

Why should I contribute?

This Wiki is rapidly evolving thanks to a large number of registered users. You too could make an impact on this Wiki, simply by going to the sign up page and creating a personal account where each of your contributions will be recorded. There are many advantages to creating an account, here are just a few:
  • Custom made signature for around the entire Wiki
  • Custom User page made solely for you
  • Credited directly to you - in such cases as an IP change, credit can be lost
  • Earn the respect of the Wiki Team, thus the possibility of becoming another dedicated member of the Wiki team!
IP addresses often are confused with Vandalisers and auto-bots crashing the Wiki's information database, thus we have much less tolerance for IP edits. Having a registered account allows you a fair chance against mistakes made while editing.

Simple information to get started

Becoming a seasoned editor often takes time and experience, but for Wiki The-West, it's as simple as hitting the edit button and knowing what you're going to write about. However, for those who have never edited an article before, this page is provided to help you get started.

Extra Information

This Wiki can offer you many things, regardless if you simply wish to use the wiki as a source of information, which is fine although it offers you much, much more. Here is a list of some of the various things this Wiki offers:
Of course, the main goal of the Wiki is to provide key information about The West. On the Main Page you will find links to any information you will need and where you can suggest further development in areas of need.
Personal Space
Upon registration you automatically receive a personal User Page and Talk Page. You may add nearly anything to your User Page - personal information or information regarding The West. Your talk page is solely for users of the Wiki to contact you, often to compliment or ask your help but it can be used to give you help. Thus, the Talk page is means of communication without the necessity of handing over your personal contact information. Note: It is not recommended to post addresses, phone numbers, schools, or any specific information as to your residence as this sensitive information can be abused.
There is a wide range of guides made by players of The West to help you with various aspects of the game, including duelling and fort battles. These guides, as said, were made for players by players and the information within should be taken likewise.
These pages offer help for you to maximise your playing experience in The West.