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Game Questions

Help, my quest has disappeared!

There are two main reasons a quest may no longer be available:

  • The quest was a decision quest, so selecting one path causes the other to disappear. An example of a decision quest is The Decision (Fat loot or Sabotage), however you will encounter several others at higher levels. After 1.25, no new quests will rely on decisions made in earlier quests.
  • The quest was a time dependant quest, only available at a certain time, day or holiday season. This is particularly noticable for secret quests which may require a certain time on a certain day and holiday quests which will disappear once the holiday has passed, so it is adviced you endeavour to complete both asap.

If neither of these apply then please contact the game support as it may be the result of a bug.

How do I leave my town?

Go to the residents list in your town hall, and in the bottom right corner is the button to leave your town. It is highly advised that if you are the only founder, that you should elect another founder before leaving the town otherwise you will never be able to get your "hat" back! Leaving another Founder in charge can give you your founder hat back later. Also be sure you truly trust the person you give the founder hat to, as they will then control the town and might not even give you a founder hat should you want to come back to town.

Where can I find the product __________?

A list of every product in the game can be found here.

There is a soldier carrying a weapon above his level, is this a bug?

One of the soldiers' class bonuses is they can wield weapons three levels higher than their character level. Using the Double Class Bonuses premium, a premium soldier can then carry a weapon six levels higher than their character level. If you still think this is a bug then please contact support.

How do I withdraw money from the bank?

Currently there is no need to withdraw money from the bank as when a purchase or donation is made money is automatically deducted from your bank account if you are not carrying enough cash. For this reason there is no current method of withdrawing cash from the bank.

Where does the money go when I spend it in foreign towns?

When you spend money in foreign towns the town treasury receives a donation of 10% of the price paid, or 40% of the standard purchace price, and the rest disappears. All money spend in foreign hotel also disappears.

When I work or duel I am getting very little money and experience, help me!

The more frequently you perform the same job or duel you lose a certain amount of motivtion, currently 3% per hour for a job and 3% for one duel. The lower your motivation is the greater the penalty you receive in terms of experience and money (jobs only). Your motivation automatically rises in between doing the same job or duelling at a rate of 10% a day which can not be changed by sleeping or any other means.

Can I change the name of my town?

Only town founders can edit their town name. This can be done in the management section of the town hall.

I cannot duel anyone?!?

There are two reasons a player cannot be duelled:

  • You must be a member of a town with a mortician to duel.
  • You cannot duel if you have been knocked out within the past 48 hours.

My town founder has quit the game, can I take over?

If there are no founders in your town then councillors or citizens (if there are also no councillors) can take over the town by clicking "Become town's founder" in the residents page. If your town founder has been inactive for more than two weeks but is still physically in the town you can contact support and organise a replacement founder.

Can I reallocate my skill and attribute points?

Yes, after you complete the Waupee's Grandfather questline you unlock a feature called the Shaman. To go to the Shaman go to the skills menu and press the button showing Waupee's Grandfather in the top left. The Shaman allowa you to remove allocated skills and attributes starting at $50 for skills and $250 for attributes, which quickly rise after a purchase but slowly and continuously drop over time. You can then allocate these points a second time back in the skills menu. There is no limit on how often you can use the Shaman.

I can't find this product for a quest am I doing something wrong?

First of all, you need to make sure you have a positive amount of labor points for the certain job. Still, that does not guarantee that the product will drop in first try, as some quests require you work several times in order to find the required product. Also, in order to save time, make sure you queue 15s jobs, instead of 1h in order to save time.

What is the difference between an item and a product?

An item is any headband, clothing, shoes, weapon, etc which can either be purchased in a shop, found from a job or rewarded in a quest. The higher the luck percentage shown on a job screen, the more valuable a potential found item will be. The luck percentage does not effect the actual chance of finding an item, only the value. Motivation is said to effect the chance of finding an item.

A product is any item found from a specific job(s) which can be equipped in your product slot. Some products offer set or item bonuses but most do not. Specific products are often required to complete quests. Products are only found from jobs at the rate shown on the job overview per half hour, which is not affected by motivation.

What does praying in the Church do?

No one except for the game developers know for certain the effect of praying in the church in a town. There are many theories that have been explored by players, but none of them have been proven to work. The developers have confirmed that praying indeed does have an effect, but they will not confirm or deny any users' beliefs.

My saloon is empty! How can I unlock all the characters in the saloon?

In order to unlock all the characters in your saloon, you need to complete some certain quests. The following table will tell you which quests you need to complete in order to unlock all the characters:

Name Quest ID Quest Name Questline name
Maya (Maria) Roalstad 8 Ambush 2 Save the saloon, part 1
Sheriff John Fitzburn 123 Advertising Cleanup efforts
Waupee 26 The second henchman Manhunt

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