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When a player reaches level 20, he may choose one of four professions. Each profession has a different set of recipes for creating products. The products created have various uses: some are usable and grant character buffs such as extra health or speed, others form part of new recipes, and still others are used for other purposes.

Some items that one may craft will be needed for other professions, therefore not everything one profession makes will be geared towards themselves, however will serve purpose to those of another craft.

In order to craft these items, a combination of products and also a recipe are required, in addition to being the required crafting level or above. Crafting is instantaneous since version 2.04.


Here you can see the four professions available. They are: Field Cook, Tonic Peddler, Blacksmith and Master Saddler. Every profession allows you to create unique usable items.

Let's look at the professions a bit more in detail.

Field Cook

Field Cook.png
The food the field cook provides will boost the character attributes for a limited time. Field cooks wares energy granting item's such as Baked Beans are often sought after due to their instant effect for relative ease in product collection.

Tonic Peddler

Tonic Peddler.png
The tonic peddler is able to craft items that have a immediate effect and replenish energy. Amulets are created by tonic peddlers and are sought after item for fort fighters, as they give a HP & dodge boost, which when used on a mass scale can turn the tide of a fort battle.


The blacksmith can improve equipment and weapons for a limited time. Blacksmith items generally improve the damage in which a player can do in a duel or a fort battle, making their wares highly sought after.

Master Saddler

Master Saddler.png
The master saddler is the best friend of every traveller. With good equipment and aptitude for animals, he can shorten the travel time or increase the travel speed. He is also able to create high-quality travel gear that allow the traveller to take more equipment with him.


Recipes are divided into three color categories representing difficulty:

  • Crafting grey.png Grey - Not difficult. You will never get a skill point.
  • Crafting green.png Green - Simple. You have a small chance of getting a skill point.
  • Crafting gold.png Gold - Hard. You have a high chance of getting a skill point.

In addition, each recipe has a minimum number of skill points required to produce, ranging from 0-600.

Recipes can be found in jobs or bought from the inventory merchant. They can also be found in chest's, this is where the more valuable recipe's are often found.

For a complete list of recipes, see each profession's information page.

Crit Procs

Critical procs (programmed random occurrences) can cause the crafter to produce two of an item from one craft.