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A town can construct or attack a small fort when it has at least 24,500 points, a medium fort when it has at least 36,000 points, and a large fort when it has at least 41,800 points.

A fort gives a lot of advantages to the owning town and it's members:

  • The barracks offer a great spot to take a rest.
  • The town that owns the biggest fort in the county can name the county.
  • The forts construction points count towards your town's points.
  • Exciting battles in which you can make a name for yourself as a town.
  • In fort battles you can earn Union Pacific Bonds, experience bots, and money.

Forts are marked on the map as a little icon. A grey fort can still be constructed, a red fort belongs to another town, and a blue fort belongs to your town. On the map fort sizes are identified by different sized icons.

Constructing a fort

A fort can only be constructed by a town's councilor. Grey forts mark the spots on the map where forts can be constructed. The following requirements have to be fulfilled to construct a fort:

  • You have to be councilor or founder of your town.
  • Your town has to have points.
  • The town's treasury has to have enough money.
  • You have to be at a spot where a fort can be built.
  • No fort may be at the spot already, and no fort may be under construction right now.
  • You need at least 80 energy points.

Constructing a fort takes eight hours. Just one player is needed to construct a fort. As soon as the fort is done, all players of the town can visit it and help with the construction. If more than one player tries to construct a fort on the same spot at the same time, the player that began the construction first begins the job.

Size of the forts

There are three different fort sizes. Small, medium-sized and big. There is one fort of each size in each county. Depending on the fort size the maximum building levels differ, the number of possible fighters in a battle, and the building requirements. The big fort also allows the owner to rename the county.

Small Fort Medium Fort Big Fort
Needed Construction Points 24500 36200 41800
Attack / Construction Cost $1500 $5000 $10000
Maximum Headquarters Level 10 10 10
Maximum Storage Level 7 7 7
Maximum Barracks Level 2 4 6
Maximum Tower Level 3 4 5
Maximum Wall Level 3 4 5
Maximum Gate Level 3 4 5
Maximum Shop Level 1 2 3
Maximum Battle Participants 50 Attackers
42 Defenders
100 Attackers
84 Defenders
140 Attackers
120 Defenders
Rename County No No Yes


The headquarters is the political center point of the fort. Here you can find out everything about the towns and the members of the fort. Also you can monitor the activity and settings.


The member page is one of a few pages that every player can see, even those that are not members. All current members of the fort are shown here, sorted by town and level. With a click on the town you can hide and show the member list. Members of the fort also see activity, building levels and the amount of money in the fort treasury.


Under construction every player can help with the expansion of the fort's buildings. For the construction resources that are needed, for unlocking a new level, and then for the construction itself. Only Founders and other leaders can unlock construction levels, but only as soon as enough resources are available. All resources have to be stored in the resource stock, so they can be used.


A fort can be built and defended by more than one town. The town that builds or conquers the fort owns it. The leaders of this town can invite and dismiss other towns from the fort. Once a town has been invited the invitation can be accepted or denied by its town's leaders.


Here, town founders and councilors can call a maneuver. These events are identical to fort battles except they can be be participated in remotely and do not cost the participants health points or cause them to gain anything.


Fort leaders can rename the fort in settings and add a profile text.


The log shows recent construction work


In the barracks you can rest if you are member of the fort. Sleeping here is always free. You feel fresh after just six hours of sleep.

Building Level Duration Energy Points Health Points
1 6 hours 75 80%
2 6 hours 80 85%
3 6 hours 85 90%
4 6 hours 90 95%
5 6 hours 95 100%
6 6 hours 100 100%

Resource stock

Other than in the towns constructing buildings costs products. All products are stored in the resource stock before they are used for construction. With each level the resource stock gets six new slots to store another product type. Each member of the fort can store products until the resource stock is full. It is not possible to take products back out. Councilors can destroy products if needed.

On top of storing products it is also possible to store money in the resource stock to be used for the construction. It is not possible to deduct money or to move it into the town's treasury.

The resource stock has six levels.

Alliances and forts

Every member of alliances (introduced in version 1.29), regardless of whether their town owns or is a member of a fort, is able to sleep in the barracks of all forts owned by/allied to any towns belonging to the official alliance. Any player signing into a fort battle over a fort with an alliance town as a member will be restricted to signing up on the side of that town.

Fort Battles

The main article for Fort Battles is located here.