Warlords of Aternum

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Warlords of Aternum



For decades Dunmar has suffered horrendous attacks at the hands of the Orcish horde. The people desperately cry out for a hero to end their constant peril.

Now is the time to prove yourself in intense 3D-animated combat. Your mission is to build a powerful army and lead it to save the fantasy-world of Aternum. On your journey, you will not only face off against the evil Orcish horde and treacherous pirates, but you must also strategically claim key trade and resource outposts.

Rise above your competition by training your special units to their full potential and equip them with unique abilities and legendary armament to enhance your tactical capabilities. Seize victory by skillfully placing your units on the battlefield and you’ll go down as one of the greatest Warlords in the history of Dunmar.

In addition to the eternal gratitude of the good citizens of Dunmar, your heroic efforts will merit a rank among Dunmar’s greatest PvP fighters. Play now !