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Level Cap Raise

  • Raise the maximum level to 150
  • New content (Items, Quests, jobs)
  • Reveal the middle of the map as a high level are with 30 new jobs


  • Small version for small screen resolutions
  • Several small improvements for the Screendesign
  • Automatic discount and event mechanisms

Event Fort

  • Controlled by the Community Management and Event team and will be used for Community fort battle events and contests
  • Several extra configs like default takeover protection, faster fort battle starts, possibility to add NPCs, special rewards
  • Will be located in the middle of the map

Multiplayer Instances

  • Fort-battle-like missions for around 5-20 players (For example Bear hunt)
  • Special rewards
  • Can be played while doing other stuff in the game

Speed and Event worlds

  • Time-limited Event worlds
  • Special objective to reach (Last man standing, finding an item first, Reaching Level x first)
  • One event world per language version and/or one global event world

Ranking enhancement

  • Balancing improvements (For example for the town ranking)
  • New rankings (Crafting, fort battle, construction)
  • Time-based rankings

Duel System

  • Evaluate different concepts
  • Push the interactive duel system prototype we did already
  • Improve Balancing


  • Solution for spies and players that are not actually interested in staying in the town
  • Usability and UI improvements

New Forum style

  • It's about time, eh?
  • New layout for the Community forum
  • Upgrade to vbulletin 5.1

P2P Trade

  • Make it possible to transfer or trade items directly between 2 players
  • Push the friends bar by allowing to directly trade items only with friends/town members

Crafting enhancement

  • Raise maximum crafting level
  • More recipes
  • Implement usability improvements

Travel Time (Railroad)

  • Make travelling on the map faster
  • Possibly via stations that can be built in towns

New Game Page (Game start page)

  • Modern design
  • More information and media about the game