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There are some benefits for towns to form alliances:

  • Alliance chat allows all members of the same alliance to participate in the same chat.
  • Market listing items for alliance members only
  • Sending mass telegrams to alliance members/leaders
  • When a player from an alliance town joins a fort battle involving an alliance fort, the player is restricted to joining the fort battle on the side of the alliance.

Alliances usually share forums for easier communication and coordination.

Creating an alliance

Town founders and councilors can create an alliance by clicking on the Town Hall in the Town and then choosing the Alliance tab. Name the alliance and click "Found Alliance" button to create it. The creation of the alliance is instantaneous. Each alliance must have an unique name within the same server and cannot contain special characters. When the alliance is created, a new alliance chat appears in the Rooms panel. The name of the new chat is the same as the name of the alliance your town belongs to.

The town that founds an alliance is automatically given a founding town position. This allows total control over the alliance. Any other towns that join will join as member towns, with no control, but can then be promoted to founding town or council town by town hats of the any founding town.

Alliance invitations

Founding and council town hats (founders and councilors) can invite other towns to the alliance by clicking on the Town hall -> Alliance invitations tab. Fill the Town name field and optional Invitation text and click Invite town. The invited town together with the text will be appended to the Invited towns section underneath until the particular town accepts or rejects the invitation. Founding and council town hats can cancel pending invitations by clicking the little x next to the invited town's name. A reason should be given in the pop up window, this will be appended in the alliance chronicle.

When receiving an alliance invitation, town founders and councilors will receive a report containing the alliance invitation with the optional invitation text. These invitation will appear in the Alliance invitations tab at the very bottom of the page. Alliances can be accepted or rejected by town hats. No town can belong to more than one alliance at a time.

Managing the alliance

Founding and council towns can rename the alliance in the Alliance tab and disband Member towns and Council towns. Only founding towns can disband other founding towns or set the status of any other towns of the alliance.

  • Founding towns can disband the alliance by systematically removing all towns from the alliance.

Alliance chronicle

The alliance chronicle is the very last tab in the town hall window. It is completely hidden and requires you to slide the tabs from right to left by clicking on the appropriate slide icon. Alliance chronicle holds all the logs of alliance interactions:

  • player that founded the alliance
  • players of invited towns accepting invitations
  • towns joining the alliance
  • towns being abandoned by all citizens
  • players inviting other towns to the alliance (message appended)
  • players changing rights of alliance towns
  • players dismissing alliance towns (reason appended)
  • players withdrawing invitations (reason appended)