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The following are the modified rules for the Public Beta.

The Rules

§1) One Account Per Player

One Account Per Player

Each player must only play one character per world. It is not allowed to share your password to other players, nor access or look after another player’s account. Each account may only be played by one player. Forcing entry into another player’s account, or even attempting to do so, is a violation of the rules.


  • It is not allowed to create secondary accounts to receive undue friendship points.
  • It is not allowed to schedule tasks on behalf of another player.
§2) Players Sharing an Internet Connection

Players Sharing an Internet Connection

Players sharing an internet connection, or living in the same household, must not make exploitative use of game features to distribute ingame benefits across other accounts. Specifically, these players may not participate in a prearranged duel, bounty or market trade to ‘push’ and/or obtain inordinate amounts of experience, cash, bonds or items. Additionally, it is prohibited to coordinate duels on other players; at least twelve hours must have passed between such duels.


  • It is not allowed to remove items or skill points to deliberately lose a duel against a family member.
  • If you duelled a player three hours ago, your family cannot duel the same player for a further nine hours.
§3) Communications


All communications will be free of politically extreme, pornographic, unlawful, insulting, discriminatory, profane or otherwise inappropriate material, as determined by the administration. Advertising referral systems, online games other than those produced by InnoGames or money making schemes is strictly forbidden. Do not feed the trolls – please report any offending material using the provided ‘affront’ system.


  • It is allowed to call other players a ‘noob’, or any variant thereof.
  • It is allowed to link to suitable YouTube videos.
  • It is allowed to link to the websites of console games, but not other web based games except those produced by InnoGames.
§4) Language


The public beta is an international version of The West. While private communications may be written in any language, all public texts must be written in English or be accompanied by a correct human translation. Certain idioms and commonly known phrases such as “carpe diem” are exempt. We only provide Support in English, please do not use any other language.

§5) Exclusion/Racism


It is against the rules to exclude – due to age, race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation – other players from joining towns, participating in fort battles or engaging in any other aspect of the game.


  • It is not allowed to prevent all players of different nationalities from joining your town.
6) Bugs & Game Errors

Bugs & Game Errors

All players are expected to engage in beta testing. If a notable and reproducible bug is identified, it must be reported using the support system or either the ingame or forum bug tracker as soon as possible. Exploits, or other critical bugs open to abuse, should be set as private. Taking advantage of a bug, beyond reasonable testing, is a violation of the rules.


  • If you discover a way to receive nuggets, bonds or cash for free then you must report it.
  • If you notice a typo, bad translation or text error then you are not obliged to report it.
§7) Scripts & Bots

Scripts & Bots

The game may only be played with a conventional browser. Macros, scripts or bots that automatically log in or trigger game actions are prohibited unless they have been approved by The West Team. Please refer to the International forum for a list of allowed scripts or to submit yours for approval.


  • It is not allowed to use a program that automatically queues tasks on your account.
§8) Account Sales

Account Sales

It is forbidden for accounts or ingame activities to be included in any financial transaction. Players must not offer, request or extort nuggets in exchange for ingame activities.



  • It is not allowed to buy or sell a game account on Ebay or other marketplaces.
  • It is allowed to give away your account for free if you choose to quit the game.
§9) General Ban

General Ban

The administrators of The West Public Beta are the final arbiters of any rules dispute. Their interpretation of these rules is final. We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the game. Making inappropriate use of the forum or support system, namely submitting ‘spam’ or acting inappropriately towards staff, will also lead to exclusion.

§10) Account deletion

Account deletion

A character or account can be deleted for a variety of reasons. If an account is inactive for over thirty days it may be automatically deleted. As stated on the home page, technical and account data is subject to change without notice.