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In version 1.29, it became possible to place a bounty on another player's head. Bounties can be used to exact revenge on a player, to show your disapproval of a player's actions or just for the sake of it.

The Bounty system

Placing bounties

You can place a bounty on another player via your town's Sheriff building or the desired player's profile. You can choose from a list of reasons for placing the bounty, the reward that goes to the player that collects the bounty and whether you want the bounty to be Wanted Alive or Wanted Dead. It is possible for a player to place a bounty on themselves.

Collecting bounties

Wanted Alive bounties

In order to claim a Wanted Alive bounty, all that is required is to beat a wanted player in a duel.

Wanted Dead bounties

In order to claim a Wanted Dead bounty, the wanted player must be passed out in a duel in order for the reward to be collected.


When placing a bounty, you are able to choose the amount of cash which will be awarded to the player who collects the bounty. For a wanted dead or alive bounty, the amount you choose is deducted from your on hand cash when possible, or your bank account. 10% of the chosen amount disappears into the game as a fee, while the other 90% of your chosen reward goes on the player's head and that amount cash is given to the player that beats the wanted person in a duel.For a wanted dead bounty, there is a 50% fee. The minimum amount you can offer as a reward is 10 x the player's level. For a wanted dead bounty, there is a 50% fee. Bounty rewards on a player are cumulative. If multiple bounties are placed on one person, by one or by several players, the bounties add up into a grand total on that person until the bounty is collected and their bounty reverts back to zero.

Eligibility for receiving bounties

You may not have a bounty placed on your head if you are not a member of a town. However, if a bounty is placed on someone while they are in a town then the player leaves their town, they are still able to be duelled as long as the bounty is still on their head.

In summary, townless players can't have a bounty posted on them, but townless players with a bounty on them are able to be duelled.

Reasons for a bounty

There is a range of reasons that you may select when putting a bounty on another player. It is still possible to place a bounty with a reason that may not necessarily be considered true. The reasons you may select for a bounty are:

  • Bank robbery
  • Because I have the money for it
  • Cattle rustling
  • Cheating
  • Dealing in stolen goods
  • Desertion
  • Escape from prison
  • Fraud
  • I'm better!
  • Lame profile
  • Nothing in particular
  • Personal feud
  • Revenge
  • Sabotage
  • Smuggling
  • Stage coach robbery
  • The level is too high
  • The level is too low
  • Train robbery
  • Was naughty

Was naughty

If a player has "Was naughty" as a reason for their bounty, it can mean they opened a door on the yearly Advent calendar before its specified date, but usually it is a player placed bounty. If this bounty was placed by the advent calendar system, the bounty amount will be 50*player's level.

Bounty protection

If a player has a wanted dead bounty on them, and is knocked out in a duel, they cannot have any other bounties placed upon them for a certain period of time. The formula for this is 1 minute per 1$ bounty placed, with a max of 14 days. Thus, a player with a 6000$ bounty who was knocked unconscious would not be able to have another bounty placed upon them for 100 hours ($6000/1 minute), or 4.167 days.


  • Is there any way to remove the bounty off my head?

No, the only way your bounty can be removed is if you are beaten in a duel, or knocked out if it is a wanted dead bounty.

  • How can I tell when a bounty has been placed on my head?

You do not receive a report or any form of notification when a bounty has been placed on you. The only way to find out is by checking your town's Sheriff, hovering the mouse over your character's avatar, or if you find out the hard way by getting beaten or knocked unconscious in a duel.

  • Can I reverse a bounty I placed on another player?

No you can't, once the bounty is placed it is final.

  • I was dueled while townless? I thought bounties couldn't be placed while I wasn't in a town. Is this a bug?

No. The yearly Advent Calendar put bounties on the heads of townless players if they opened a Calendar door early, thus making them fair game for duelists.

  • How can I find out my various stats regarding receiving and handing out bounties?

By clicking the achievements tab, then selecting statistics, or by looking in your town's sheriff.