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Maneuvers can be initiated any member of a town that owns at least one fort. These maneuvers can be used for fort battle practice, testing or just for fun. Almost all aspects of regular fort battles are replicated in maneuvers.

Calling a maneuver

Maneuver call screen.png

Anyone can call a maneuver, as long as they are part of a town that owns a fort. In order to do that, they have to click on a fort their town owns and click on the fort's Headquarters. In the new window that opens, they have to go to the Maneuver tab where they will be prompted through the final steps.

Joining a maneuver

Currently active maneuvers can be viewed via the Fort Overview's "Maneuver" tab. In order to sign up for the maneuver, click the "Register" button.


When you register, you can choose whether you want to join the attacking or defending side. The "Cancel maneuver" and "Start maneuver" buttons will only be visible to town founders and councilors of the town that initiated the maneuver.

Maneuver signup screen.png

Participating in a maneuver

Once the maneuver begins, it will appear exactly the same as a regular fort battle and all its aspects will be replicated. However, you are not required to be situated at the fort in order to participate in a maneuver. You will not lose any health points, energy or cash because of it. You can still change your clothes while the maneuver is taking place and no assignments in the job queue will be interrupted. You will still be able to set and cancel jobs while you are taking part in it. You will not receive Union Pacific Bonds, experience, or cash from participating in one.