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Valentine's Event

ValentineHeart.png Time frame

  • Event starts: 13th, 10:00, server time
  • Event ends: 2nd of March, 23:59, server time

ValentineHeart.png Hearts

Hearts are collected by doing jobs, duels, fort battles and quests, as well as by using special usable items that give hearts. Hearts can also be gained by receiving them from friends via the friends bar. When a player reaches a certain number of hearts a reward will be unlocked automatically.

ValentineHeart.png Sharing the love


There is a new option on the friends bar for the duration of the valentine's event: Send 20 Hearts. Players can send each of their friends 20 hearts, once every 24 hours. You do not lose hearts that you have collected when you send hearts to other players.

ValentineHeart.png Rewards

The reward overview can be opened via an event button in the notification bar, under the saloon icon.

Personal rewards

Reward details
№ of Hearts required ValentineHeart.png
1. WheelOfFortune.png Valentine's wheel of fortune 100
2. JunkChest.png Junk chest - Contains an item worth up to $5000 500
3. AvatarRose.png A lovely rose graphic for your avatar picture. Found by toggling through the Stance option in your Avatar editor. 2000
4. SteelLinedBox.png Steel lined box - Contains rare, precise and fancy items, and some some special recipes. 10000
5. SmallHeartBag.png Small heart bag. Gives you a small amount of hearts when you use it. Can be used once every 12 hours. 20000
6. HeartGlasses.png Heart-shaped sunglasses graphic for your avatar. Found by toggling through Accessories options in the Avatar generator. 35000
Unique chest - Containing selected items worth at least $10000. 55000
8. ValentinesHorse.png Valentine's day horse - Animal with +200% Speed. 90000
9. PremiumChest.png Premium chest - Containing a very rare item worth at least $8000, and other rare items. 130000
10. ValentinesChest.png Valentines' chest - Contains all items from the Valentines' set 180000

After all 10 rewards have been unlocked, you automatically trade any further hearts you gain for bonds. 5000 hearts will be traded for a 50 bonds letter.

ValentineHeart.png Community/World event

The collected hearts of all players on the game world will be accumulated and count towards the community rewards. The community rewards can be found as a second tab of the Reward window. When the required amount of hearts are reached, the whole world will be rewarded with a special bonus prize. The number of needed hearts required depends on the number of active players on any particular world.

Reward details
1. ValentineWorld.png Valentine's World
2. RedLetter.png Red letter - containing 50 bonds
Special questline
4. SpecialAchievement.png Special achievement
5. UniquePreciousChest.png Unique precious chest - Contains selected items worth at least $15000

ValentineHeart.png Valentine's Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of fortune is the first reward unlocked with hearts. It is accessed via an event button under the saloon icon, similar to the travelling fair. There is one free spin per day (two after purchasing 200 nuggets for the first time) Additional spins can be bought for 50 nuggets/bonds each

All rewards have the same chance to get dropped.