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There are six ways to earn experience points: jobs, quests, dueling, fort battles, potions of wisdom and the daily login bonus. The higher the level, the more experience is required to achieve the next level.

Prior to version 1.30, character level was capped at 99, with no experience acquiring once 99 was attained. Experience rankings were based on total experience until level 99 was achieved, then players were ranked on the order which they reached level 99. With 1.30, the level cap was raised to 120. After 120, experience points were still acquired, with rankings still based on total experience. With version 2.08, the level cap was increased again to 150. Again, after level 150 has been reached, experience points can still be gained, and rankings are based on total experience.

Gaining Experience


Experience earned from working on jobs is the staple experience for most players. The job window shows your experience for working the selected job for your current motivation, but actual experience earned is calculated from your motivation when the job is finished. If you get knocked out in the job, you will not receive any experience. Each time a job is completed the corresponding amount of motivation is deducted. This deduction happens after the report has been calculated and will affect the next job. Job Motivation affect the experience of that particular job in 25% decrements starting from 100%. Each job report lowers that motivation but the experience is only affected once the 25% threshold has been crossed.

Example: With the current Labor Points you bring to "Transport ammunition" your experience gain for 1h interval is calculated to 42 points at 100% motivation (42*100% = 42). Each 1h interval lowers the motivation for "Transport ammunition" by 12 points, but this will not affect the experience gained on this job unless the motivation drops below 75% when the experience gained will be 42*75% = 31.5 rounded to 32. The experience gained will be calculated using the 75% figure as long as the job motivation will hold between 75% and 75%-25%(50%). The job experience can drop to 0 points at 0% motivation.

Any job you can perform will reward you with experience however the maximum experience is gained by achieving positive labor points.

Experience gained from jobs can be increased by two methods. Silver and gold encircled jobs can raise the experience of a job. The set bonus of certain item sets will also give a bonus to gained experience from jobs. For example, the Thunder and Lightning set gives a bonus of 20% experience from jobs, duels and fort battles. There are no other features such as buffs, crafts, premium features or character class bonuses that can influence the experience gained of a job past the maximum experience explained above.


Quests can be a great source of experience points, but some are better than others. Some quests offer no xp, while others can give thousands. The class quests are particularly lucrative.


Dueling other players gives experience points based on both players' dueling level based on the following formula:

Experience = (((7 * Loser’s duelling level) - (5 * Winner’s duelling level) + 5) * 3) * Exp Bonus from Item Sets

NPC duels also earn experience points. Duels are accomplished through the Duel menu under Bandits. They were for a time arguably the best source of XP based on energy requirements, but rewards were reduced in version 1.30.

Fort Battles

After quests, fort battles have the highest experience rewards that can be acquired at one time. One fort battle can earn a maximum of 6000 experience. But the experience bonus from clothing, buffs or character bonuses is added to the experience points achieved. The rewards are performance based, with damage inflicted and players passed out being the primary factor. Longer battles give better experience and short battles little experience. If the ratio of attackers : defenders compared to the ratio between max defenders : max attackers is too inconsistent the reward in experience will drop significantly.

Potions of Wisdom

Potion of Wisdom.png

Potions of Wisdom are usable items in the game that can be obtained in a number of ways, including by playing the Travelling fair or the Tombola events. Experience is gained by using the item in a character's inventory. Players gain a percentage of the experience that they require for the next level. There are five Potions of Wisdom, each giving a different percentage of experience:

Potion Item XP for next level Gained
Potion of Minor Wisdom
Potion of Some Wisdom
Potion of Wisdom
Potion of Plentiful Wisdom
Potion of Profound Wisdom

It is often best to save Potions of Wisdom for higher levels, as the experience gained increases as the player's level increases.

Daily Bonus XP

Finally, every day all players are given a daily experience bonus for logging in. Players receive a percentage each day they log in representing the amount of experience received from the current lvl to the next. For players at lvl 150, the percentage represents the amount of experience from lvl 149 to 150. Starting at the value of 1% increasing by 1% with each consecutive login day to a maximum of 4% followed by 15 bonds or 15 nuggets the 5th day. Nuggets are awarded only once per account and not per each playing world. If you received nuggets on one world you will receive bonds instead on other worlds.

Login bonus.png

Experience Table