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Quests are tasks given to the player by NPCs. Upon completion, a reward is generally given, though some Quests serve only to give information or to unlock another Quest or Quest Giver. Some Quests are Decision Quests, which are groups of two or three Quests in which only one may be completed. With the exception of Class Quests, anyone can do any Quest as long as they meet the acceptance and completion requirements.

Note that Quests are only one aspect of the game. There's no need to be upset if you can't complete all Quests as soon as they become available. Most Jobs required by Quests can be done with gear alone, so even if you can't do it immediately, you should be able to eventually.


Access and Acceptance

These are two separate requirements common to all Quests. All must be met before a Quest becomes visible and may be accepted. For most, this is merely a level requirement.

Requirement Explanation
Level The minimum Character Level at which a Quest is available.
Class This requirement applies only to the Class Quests which were implemented in 1.17. In order to begin the Quest Lines, a player must have chosen a class, thus they are not available until Level 10 at the earliest.
Decision This is similar to a Quest requirement, but it refers to a certain Quest that must not have been completed.
Gender The only example of this thus far is the Valentine's Day Quests, which have separate Quest Lines for male and female characters. Note that Greenhorns are unable to accept these Quests as they have not yet permanently chosen a Gender.
Item These Quests require an item to be equipped for it to become visible. They are generally considered Secret Quests. This also applies to Quests which require no weapon to be equipped.
Quest Most Quest Lines are linear, with completion of each unlocking the next. Some also require completion of a Quest from a different Quest Line. Finally, some Quests have sub-Quests, which require another Quest to be accepted, not completed, and usually, but not always, must be completed first.
Quest Giver These Quests are given by Quest Givers located on the map, instead of from NPCs in the Saloon. With all such Quests, the player must travel to the Quest Giver before it can be accepted.
Time Some Quests have a time requirement before they become visible. This may be time, e.g. after 19:00, day, e.g. Friday, or a date, which applies to Seasonal Quests.


These are the conditions which must be fulfilled before the Quest can be completed. In all cases, besides the one exception below, all conditions must be met simultaneously. For example, if a Quest has an item and skill requirement, the skill required must be accomplished without benefit of a different item equipped in that particular slot. Most of these requirements will be shown under Requires in the Quest window in game.

Requirement Explanation
Duel Most of these Quests simply require you to win a duel against a certain NPC. In these cases Requires will show Defeat. A few Quests, indicated by Shoot require that the NPC be passed out, though whether you use a firearm or a melee weapon is irrelevant. There are also several Quests which require you to Lose the duel.
Cash Some Quests require money, which is invariably lost upon completion, though such Quests often have a reward of comparable value. In all cases, the money is deducted from cash on hand first with any balance being deducted from your Bank account.
Confirm E-mail This is only a requirement for one quest, Pony-Express (Message for you). This Quest can be completed on all Worlds, as long as your e-mail has been confirmed.
Item Most of these Quests require products which are dropped during Jobs. It is by far the most common requirement of older Quests, but newer Quests tend towards Work Duration requirements. In most cases the required Items are consumed upon completion and removed from your Inventory. In some cases, the item is acquired by completing a sub-quest.
Level There is only one Quest with a Level requirement for completion and that's Introduction (Advancing Levels). With every other Quest, Level is only an acceptance requirement.
Quest When a Quest has sub-quests, completion of those sub-quests will usually be a requirement for completing the Quest which unlocked them. There are exceptions, primarily in the Adventurer Quest Line, Black Mountains, in which only the Products which the sub-quests give as rewards are required and it doesn't matter how they were acquired. In all cases, any sub-quest which hasn't been completed will no longer be available when the Quest which unlocked it is completed.
Quest Giver Most Quests with Quest Givers require the character to be located at the Quest Giver for the Quest to be completed. In the case of Duel requirements, the Duels must be completed at the Quest Giver. Before 1.30 there were many exceptions, but few are left.
Skill These Quests require a Skill to be at or above a certain level. In all cases, bonuses from gear applies.
Time Most time requirements apply only to accepting quests, but some are completion requirements as well.
Work Duration These Quests require a certain total duration of work to be completed on a specific job. In all cases, only work done after accepting the Quest counts, but it doesn't need to all be accomplished at once. On Worlds with one-hour maximum job duration, these requirements are half of those with two-hour jobs. If the Quest was accepted before the World switched to one-hour jobs, cancel and accept the Quest again for the duration required to be halved.


Rewards are of course the primary motivation for questing, although some people complete them for their own sake. Some rewards are better than others for individual Quests themselves and for entire Quest Lines.

Reward Explanation
Cash Cash rewards are always received as cash on hand. If you belong to a Towns, make sure you Bank cash rewards promptly, especially the larger ones.
Experience Experience Points are probably the most common reward. Instead of completing these Quests immediately, consider saving them until they can be used for leveling in order to refill your Health and Energy Points.
Item Often Item rewards are mundane, even if they are useful, but some are highly desirable rare items which are difficult or impossible to acquire by other means, especially in the case of Secret Quests. Even if there's no immediate obvious use for an item, it's recommend that you not sell them, especially in the case of irreplaceable items, or difficult to replace items like Handcuffs. Occasionally item rewards are required for another Quest in the same Quest Line, so be careful what you sell.
Medals Some Quests give Medals for rewards. This is especially true of Holiday Quests, but it applies to others as well.
Premium Several Quests give rewards consisting of several days free Classic Premiums, specifically More Energy, Automation, and Higher Income.
Skill Points This category includes Attribute Points as well, and they are popular among even those people who aren't otherwise interested in Quests. In most cases, AP and SP rewards are assigned to a specific Attribute or Skill, but occasionally they will be in the form of unused points. For a list of Quests with these rewards, see Quests with AP and SP Rewards.


Besides specific Medals awarded for certain Quests, Medals are also awarded for reaching certain milestones in the total number of Quests completed. For details, see Adventurer Medals.