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In-game chat

To open the chat window (if not already opened) click on the chat room you want to open by clicking on the chat room name in the left bottom corner of the screen under the "Rooms" tab. To open another chat room follow the same instructions. To close a chat room, click X in the chat display window on the relevant chat tab. Closing the last chat room will close the chat display window. The chat window is re-sizable and when more chat rooms are open that can fit the width of the chat display, the chat rooms can slide by clicking the directional sliding buttons. The chat window can also be dragged on the screen according to your needs.

To send messages via chat, type your message in the box at the very bottom of the chat room and press "Enter" (or "Return" on a Mac).

Chat user list

In a chat room that is not a private room, on the very right side click on ChatExpand.jpg button to expand the list of online users signed in that chat room. Currently online players are listed in alphabetical order.

In order to send a chat message privately to one player, click their name in the chat window then choose to "Whisper". You can only whisper to people that are online.

All chat rooms except the private chats show the number of participating users Users.png in the "Rooms" tab.

Chat notifications

When a new message is posted in a chat room, in the tab of the chat room it will display and flash white message marker Marker.gif notifying you of new input. The same marker appears in the list of chats in the Rooms tab on the bottom left corner of the game screen.

By clicking close (x) on the chat rooms tab in the chat window will not sign you out from that chat room, but simply remove it from the chat window. To leave the chat room, so that others cannot see you online, you must click on the Exit.png button. To re-enter a chat room, simply click on the name of the chat room. When you leave a private room, the room will disappear from the list of rooms and all the history will be deleted. The history of other chat rooms is always reloaded when re-entering those rooms in the same session.

Chat window settings

The chat window has a Settings button Settings.png. There are various options to choose from:

  • Maximize window
  • Layout
    • Save - Saves the current size and position of the window
    • Load - Loads a saved layout
    • Reset - Resets the layout to default values
  • Room list
    • Save - Saves currently opened chat rooms
    • Delete - The chat window will not remember any chat rooms if closed
  • Open automatically - The chat room will be opened automatically at user Login
  • Further Settings
    • Deactivate chat sounds - A sound is played on your computer when someone sends you a whisper message.
    • Set chat visibility in percentage value
    • Set inactive visibility in percentage value

Chat room types

There are 6 types of chat rooms:

  • Town chat
  • Alliance chat
  • Fort chat
  • General chat
  • Private chat
  • Custom chat

Each chat except private chat can have a topic. The topic text is appended to the top of each chat room. To set the topic of any chat except private chats type /topic: followed by the text you want to append as topic. To delete the topic just type /topic

Town chat TownChat.png

Town chat allows you to talk to your fellow town members. The title of the channel is the name of the town. Councillors and founders of the town are allowed to set, change and clear the channel topic.

Alliance chat AllianceChat.jpg

Alliance chat allows chat between all members of an alliance. The title of the channel is the name of the alliance. Councillors and founders of any town in the alliance are allowed to set, change and clear the channel topic.

Fort chat FortChat.png

Fort chat only becomes available when you are currently signed up for a fort battle. The title of the channel is the name of the fort in which the battle is taking place. Players signed up to the attacking team get their own chat room, and those signed up to the defending team get a separate chat room. Councillors and founders of the attacking or defending town have the ability to set, change and clear the topic.

Saloon chat GeneralChat.png

Each server has a public saloon chat room where a portion of all online players on that server are included in this chat.

Private PrivateChat.jpg

Every time you whisper someone, a new chat room is created. Only the player you whispered to and yourself participate in private chats. The title of the chat is the player's name you whispered.

Custom chat PrivateChat.jpg

You can create or join a custom chat room with the command "/join [room name] [Password]". Setting a password is optional. With custom chats you can for example, create your own chat room for alliance or town leaders. Custom rooms are deleted after a period of inactivity.


The friends bar in the bottom of the screen lists all online friends, sorted by level, then all offline friends sorted by level. Clicking a player's picture brings up the option to whisper that player.

Chat commands

There are a number of special commands that have a special effect when typed in the chat window. To enter a command, simply type a forward slash (/) before any of the following words to activate its effect as explained below.

  • tell <player name>: Sends a whisper to the player specified.
  • topic: Sets the chat room topic. For town and alliance chat only founders and councilors can set the topic. For fort chat, only generals and captains can set the topic.
  • clear: Resets the chat room content.
  • logout: Logs you out of the game.
  • ignorelist: Shows all ignored users.
  • ignore: Ignores another user.
  • color: Lets you set the colour of your chat message. (RGB Decimal)
  • me: Lets you send a message preceded by your username, appearing as a status or activity.
  • unignore: Deletes a user from the ignore list.
  • rights <rank>: Sets posting rights in fort chat to the specified rank and above. Only generals and captains can set rights. The default is recruit.
  • help: Shows this help. Use /? topic (replace "topic" with whichever one of the aforementioned commands you wish to know more about) to see more specific help.


Image Input
Smiley smile.png :)
Smiley sore.png :/
Smiley invader.png =:)
Smiley angry.png >:(
Smiley cry.png :'( or T.T
Smiley ohmy.png :o
Smiley smirk.png ;)
Smiley silent.png :|
Smiley muted.png :x
Smiley palm.png >.<
Smiley frown.png :(
Smiley grin.png :D
Smiley tongue.png :P
Smiley oo.png o.O or O.o or O_o or o_O
Smiley nc.png -.-
Smiley xx.png x.x
Smiley happy.png ^^
Smiley elpollodiablo.png el pollo diablo!
Smiley elpollodiablo mirror.png !el pollo diablo
Smiley elpollodiablo front.png el pollo diablo?!
Sheep.gif add me
Sheep rainbow.gif meee… add me!

Coloured messages

Colours can be applied to your chat messages. In order to change the colour of one or more words in your message, type a forward slash (/) before one of the following numbers in order to apply its corresponding colour to all the words after it. More than one colour may be used in one message.

The numbers used to apply each colour can be found here.