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In the character menu you can upgrade your character by raising your attributes and skills. The numbers show the level that the character has in that skill or attribute. With each level the character gains he receives one attribute point and three skill points. Some quests also give skill and attribute points.


The number in the circle shows how many attribute points can still be distributed. The square shows how many skill points are available.

Attribute and skill points

To distribute attribute and skill points you just have to click on the attribute or skill you want to upgrade. The level goes up by one point per click. You have to click 'confirm' to finalize the selection. You can cancel it if you made a mistake. Once points are distributed it cannot be undone anymore.


If the level for an attribute or skill has been raised with an item, the level is shown in green.


The attributes set your basic strengths and weaknesses. You can create a strong muscular rowdy or a charismatic tactician. There are four different attributes: Strength, Mobility, Dexterity and Charisma. By leveling up an attribute you increase each of the five associated skills. All related skills and attributes have the same color. An attribute is always pictured with a circle.



Strength shows your muscle power and health. It is especially important when you have to do hard labor jobs or have to withstand wind and weather. Strength and its associated skills are shown in red.



Mobility shows how much control you have over your body. Better mobility means better balance, reflexes and agility. Mobility and its associated skills are displayed in green.



Dexterity influences your fine motor skills. It helps you with any tasks where you have to work very precise or where you have to aim well. Dexterity and its associated skills are shown in blue.



Charisma is the strength of your personality and your look. The higher your charisma, the easier it is for you to influence others. Charisma and its associated skills are shown in yellow.

Skill List

There are 20 different skills. Every skill is connected to an attribute. By raising the attribute level, all 5 connected skills are raised as well.

To work on better jobs you need higher skill levels.

The Strength Skills

Construction.png Construction is important to work on buildings or when setting up things. Working in your town is much easier if you have a high level in construction.
Skill Punch.png Vigor is the real muscle power of your character and is needed when something has to be pushed or hit. Vigor raises the damage you do with a melee weapon in a duel.
Skill Tough.png A high level in toughness makes it much easier to work in bad weather. In a duel toughness lowers the damage that is caused by melee weapons.
Stamina.png Stamina helps you in exhausting jobs and tasks.
Health.png Health points are your life force. Each time you add one point to the skill "health points" you receive 10 more health points for you character.

The Mobility Skills

Hbr.png Horseback riding shows how comfortable you feel with your horse. It also raises the travelling speed on the map.
Skill Reflex.png Reflex shows how quick you are to react. In a duel reflex reduces the damage that you receive from a firearm attack.
Skill Dodge.png Dodging is very important in duels. With every level the chance gets lower that your enemy scores a hit.
Hiding.png Hiding helps you escape both man and animal.
Swimming.png Swimming is very useful when you fall into a river or lake.

The Dexterity Skills

Skill Aim.png Aiming is used for nothing but dueling. if you raise your aiming skills you raise your chances of landing a hit.
Skill Shot.png Shooting decides how good you are in the use of a firearm. Shooting raises the damage you do with a firearm.
Trapping.png Trapping is important to set traps for animals and to ambush people.
Fms.png Fine motor skills are important for jobs that need a lot of finger work and concentration.
Repairing.png Repairing is used to fix broken things. It's also important to work in the town.

The Charisma Skills

Leadership.png Leadership is important if you have to give instructions to other people. It's also important when constructing buildings in town.
Skill Tactic.png Tactic allows you to make strategic plans and to carry them out. When challenged to a duel tactic lowers the chance that a hit is landed.
Skill Trading.png Trading helps you with your negotiation skills and to get better prices. Sadly, the merchants in town have set prices and cannot be talked down.
AnimalInstinct.png Animal instinct helps you to understand the animals and to work better with them.
Skill Appearance.png Appearance is the way you are seen by other people. A higher level makes you more trustworthy, but you can also intimidate people better. If you challenge another player in a duel your appearance helps intimidate your opponent and makes him less likely to land a hit.


The Shaman offers you the unique ability to undo the assignment of your skill- and attribute points. After you do that you can use the points for whatever you want.

The ability to visit the shaman is given after completing Waupee's Grandfather, a quest sequence that can be accepted once you reach level 14. This quest series gives you permanent access to the shaman. To get to the shaman you have to click the big skill symbol in the skill menu.

The Shaman menu looks very similar to the skill menu. You see your current skill and attribute levels and you can set if they include your item bonuses or not. By clicking on a skill or attribute you lower it's level and the points become available again. All changes have to be confirmed!

Every attribute and skill change costs a few dollars. The more changes you do, the more the changes cost. They slowly go down again as time passes. It might be a good idea to not change all points at once.

It is not possible to lower skills if all their points come from assigned attribute points. You can also not lower points that have been received from quests or items. While doing any changes your character cannot be working on any job.

Skill Buying

In the skills tab, full premium worlds(all worlds but Colorado and World 1) can purchase skill points.