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In the premium section you can purchase small ingame and comfort advantages. To get a premium account you need gold nuggets. Those cannot be found, they have to purchased with real life currency or earned, 15 nuggets at a time, from the 5-day login award.

There are nine different premium accounts that you can activate for your character on worlds with enhanced premium. These are: "more energy", "automation", "higher income", "character bonus", "reset inventory trader", "placate Shaman", "item delivery", "halve waytime", "buy products", "reset traveling fair", and "deposit cash".

"More energy", "automation", "higher income", and "character bonus" all cost 50 nuggets to activate and have a 2 week effect.

Some worlds have complete premium available, these worlds have all the enhanced options enabled plus two additional premium features. These are "buy skill points" and "energy refill".

When you purchase nuggets for your account, you receive the purchased nuggets for all worlds you have a character in. If you spend nuggets in one world, they are taken from your account in all other worlds as well.

Enhanced Premiums

Expanded premiums are selectively enabled on worlds, refer to the World Settings pages for more information regarding a specific world. Each has a different cost with an immediate effect.

More energy


This premium account gives your character more energy points and with that the character can work longer before having to rest. Instead of 100 energy points, the character has 150. However, the biggest advantage is the regeneration. Your energy raises by 4.5 points an hour, instead of 3. You also receive a bonus of 50% in the hotel.



With the premium advantage "automation" you can add up to eight tasks into the task queue. They are done in the order they are added. You also see a list of all jobs you can do or will be able to do soon.

Higher income


With this premium account you get an additional 50% more money when working on a job. You also find 50% more valuable items. The advantage is instant when the premium is activated. It also raises the chance to find a work product by 50%. When it runs out, the wages go back to normal.


  • You would normally get 100 dollars for a job. With the premium account you make 150 dollars.
  • On your job you would usually find an item that is worth 200 dollars. With the premium account, you find an item worth 300 dollars.
  • You work on a job and receive 60 dollars but no item. With a premium account you receive 90 dollars, but still no item.
  • The chance to receive a newspaper while selling them is 60%. With the premium bonus the chance is 90%.

Character bonus


The advantages of your respective character class are doubled.

Reset inventory trader

Trader premium.png

This premium is used to reset the items on offer from the merchant found in the inventory screen for a cost of 5 nuggets.

Placate Shaman


Placate Shaman resets the Shaman costs back to $250 per attribute and $50 per skill for a cost of 18 nuggets.

Item delivery

Delivery premium.png

Item delivery allows you to deliver items or money from any location on the map without having to be present for a cost of 10 nuggets. You can also place items on the market remotely for 20 nuggets per offer.

Halve waytime

Halve waytime.png

Halve waytime halves the travel time of any queued travel for a cost of 5 nuggets.

Buy products

Product premium.png

Buy products allows you to purchase one product from any job you have at least one labor point for. The cost depends on the chance of finding the product.

Reset traveling fair

This allows you to immediately play the day's minigame on the traveling fair, thus receiving another reward, at a cost of 25 nuggets.

Deposit cash


Deposit cash sends all cash on hand to your bank account with no fee irrespective of your current location for a cost of 10 nuggets.

Complete Premiums

Complete premiums are selectively enabled on worlds, refer to the World Settings pages for more information regarding a specific world. Worlds with complete premium have all of the enhanced premiums enabled, with the addition of two more premium advantages. Each has a different cost with an immediate effect.

Buy skill points

Sp premium.png

Buy skill points allows you to purchase skill or attributes points for a base cost of 18 nuggets per skill point and 54 nuggets per attribute point. Every time you purchase a point the price for the next point increases by 18 for a skill point and 54 for an attribute point.

Energy refill

Fill energy premium.png

Energy refill restores your energy to 100 (150 energy if using Premium More Energy) for a cost of 18 nuggets.