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Town Forum

Town Forum.png

The town forum is a place for town members to communicate. To open the town forum, click the "Town Forum" button located on the left side of the screen.

Creating and Editing Forums

In order to use the town forum a forum must be created first. To create a forum, click the "Manage Forum" link at the bottom right of the page. At the top of the new page, in the box labelled "Create Forum", simply type in a name for the forum and click OK. You may create multiple forums here, as well as manage and delete existing forums.

Town management may start surveys or label a thread as "Important", which will keep it listed at the top of the forum. They also have the power to edit and delete posts, as well as edit, move, lock, and delete entire threads. However, only founders can access the Manage Forum page.

Hidden Forums

Hidden Forums are forums that are only visible to the town's founder(s) and counselors. The button leading to the forum will appear to all members of the town; however, members ranked citizens will be lead to a page stating: "You cannot access the internal forums."

To create a hidden forum, simply check the "Hidden Forum" box to the right of where you enter the name. To make an already existing forum a hidden forum, change the Access from "Town Forum" to "Hidden Forum." You may also make hidden forums town forums in the same way.

Sharing Forums

Towns have the option to share their forums with other towns. To invite foreign towns to your forums, go to the bottom half of the Manage Forum page, type in the name of the town you want to invite, and select which forum you want to invite them to. Here you can also accept and decline invitations from other towns, as well as delete invitations you sent to other towns. You can invite multiple towns to a single forum and share more than one forum with another town. Only founders and councilors of the town which created the shared forum have the power to edit others' posts and delete, move, or edit threads.