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Finally the time has come. The U.S. Congress has approved the construction of a railway into the West. Hundreds of miles of track needs to be laid down, the workers have to be supplied and there is an ever present danger of an Indian attack. Now we all have to work together: duellers, workers, adventurers and soldiers. Help with the project to open the West via the Union Pacific Railroad. For your work you will be rewarded with valuable Union Pacific Bonds, which can be traded for special items in the company’s shop. The more sweat and diligence you actively invest, the higher your wage will be. Perhaps the Union Pacific Trader will even accept bribes of gold nuggets…

It’s a tough and dangerous project but the pay is great. What are you going to do?

Union Pacific Bonds

Union Pacific Bonds (abbreviated to UPB or simply bonds) are a form of currency, similar to ingame cash, that was introduced in Version 1.35. Bonds can only be used in the Union Pacific Shop, where they may be exchanged for a selection of rare or usable items. The number of bonds you possess is shown in the upper right corner of the main game screen, above the panels listing your cash, bank and nugget totals.


Union Pacific Bonds can currently be obtained as:

  • A reward from the Daily Activity System.
  • A reward from fort battles, replacing the earlier chest drops.
  • An unlikely drop item from all jobs.
  • A conventional quest reward.
  • A daily quest reward, for delivering special crafting recipes to NPCs.
  • An achievement reward.

You cannot accumulate more than two thousand bonds at any one time. Any bonds earned while your character already has two thousand unspent bonds will be discarded.

Union Pacific Shop

The Union Pacific Shop (abbreviated to UPS) was introduced as a rare item store in Version 1.35. Unlike existing item stores, the Union Pacific Shop accepts only Union Pacific Bonds or gold nuggets.

Accessing the Shop

The Union Pacific Shop can be accessed by clicking the animated “shop” icon in the lower left corner of the game screen. Alternatively clicking on the bonds counter in the upper right hand corner, above the panels showing your cash, bank and nugget totals, will also open the shop window.

Stocked Items

Hot items tab

The Union Pacific Shop sells a variety of items, most notably uncommon or usable items. These include:

  • Various chests
  • Buff products
  • Holiday items

The developers have explicitly stated they plan to include a further selection of items in future updates. These will likely include limited time items (such as the holiday items) or limited stock items.