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It is possible to have certain players on your Friends List. People that are on your friends list will be able to see when you are online and easily whisper with you in the game chat.

The Friends List screen

The Friends List screen is opened by clicking on a small round symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen, or the name of the Friends channel in the chat window. It has three tabs.


This is the tab that opens by default when you access your Friends List. You will see a list of all the friends you have added. People that you have sent friend requests but are yet to accept your request will be shown in grey.

On the Friends List, you can see various information about your friends, including their name, level, character class, crafting profession, town, achievement points, and whether they are online, offline or on vacation mode. There is also an option to send your friends a telegram or remove them from your Friends List.

Invite players

This tab is where you go to refer players to the game. It provides you with your personal referral link, signature banner and friendship banner. For more information, see Referral System.


The Invitations tab will only appear if you have incoming friendship requests that you have not accepted. You will be shown the name and town of the players from which you have unaccepted friendship reqests, as well as the option to accept or decline their request. See Receiving friend requests for more information.

Adding friends

Adding friends can be done in a number of ways. The "Add Friend" button is found in the following areas:

  • On a player's profile
  • Next to a telegram a player has sent you on the telegram screen
  • Next to a player's name when reading a telegram they have sent you

Once you have sent a friend request, the player's name and information will appear in grey on your Friends List screen until the player accepts your request, at which time they will also be able to see your information on their own Friends List.

Receiving friend requests

When someone sends you a friendship request, you will receive a report titled "Friendship request". The report will tell you who sent you the request, and link you to the Invitations tab of the Friends List screen. From there, you will be able to accept or decline the request.

Friends chat

In addition to the town, alliance, county and fort chat channels, there is also a Friends channel. All your online friends appear in this channel. Unlike the other chat channels, you can not talk to all your friends at once, you can only whisper them as you could for someone who is not your friend. You can not hide or mute the friends chat channel, and thus can not appear offline to your friends.