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Health and Energy Points are both representations of your physical well being. Health may be lost from job injuries, dueling, and fort battles. Energy is required to work or duel.

Health points


The health points show how well your character is feeling. You can lose health points while working on a job, while dueling or in a fort battle. Over time health points regenerate. While walking around or working they recover by 2% of your maximum points per hour. If you are not doing anything they recover by 5%. If you are currently sleeping in a hotel or barracks, health is recovered much faster. The room quality or barracks level determines the recovery rate. Health points can also be recovered by using cookies, marzipan potatoes, doctor's bags and other crafted products or quest rewards. Gaining a level recovers full health besides any that was lost in the action that gained the level, be it a job injury, duel, or fort battle.

At the beginning your character has 110 health points. With each level you gain you receive 10 additional points. For each point in the health points skill, you get 10 points, or 15 points if you're a soldier.

Passing Out

If you lose all of your health points, you pass out. You wake up in your home town. If you are not a member of a town, you wake up in the closest town. If you get knocked out you lose all your cash. If you pass out working on a job, you do not receive any money, items or experience for your work.



Energy points are required to work or duel. You cannot work all day and all night, at some point your character needs to sleep in a hotel or barracks. The longer you work on a job, the more energy points are used.

Currently the game uses three work intervals requiring increased energy per longer interval, two duel intervals, and three construction intervals.

Energy Consumed
15 seconds 1 energy points
10 minutes 5 energy points
1 hour 12 energy points
1 duel 12 energy points
1 npc duel 5 energy points
1 hour of construction 12 energy points
30 minutes of construction 6 energy points
15 minutes of construction 3 energy points

Whatever you do, your character constantly regenerates 3 energy points per hour, even while working or moving around. Players with premium energy regenerate 4.5 points per hour. The energy raises much faster when you sleep in a hotel room. The better the room, the more energy is regenerated. Energy can also be recovered by using various crafted items and buffs. Upon gaining a level, full energy is recovered unless the level was gained from a fort battle in which you passed out.