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This is the official version log for The West International version. Please note that The West was first available in English from version 1.09, so some previous updates are missing. Please add these to the list if you find the correct change log for a version.

Version One

Version 1.10

Character classes - There are now four character classes available. Each player that is level 10 or higher can choose a class. Each class has it's own bonus, for example the duelist gets a speed bonus and the worker gets an experience bonus for every job.

To choose on a class go on to your Character screen.

Quests - There are 3 new groups of quests. Two of which are available at level 18.

New items - some new products are available

The support is now available.

A number of big fixes have been made.

If you have problems please contact the support. To do this go to Settings->Support.

Version 1.11

New character class premium. Dueling premium no longer extendable (being phased out). Shooting added to rankings. Misc bug fixes.

Version 1.12


Premium feature: List of jobs on 'Work' button Mortician: Show town duel stats New personal settings: Profile + Pony express

Hotel stages require twice the points as before. Town bank log now only shows the last 7 days worth. Removed greenhorn duel protection.

Version 1.13


The changes will include: Towns can set their own profile Scrolling with arrow keys Performance inprovements in the inventory and shops

Sorry for the lack of more detailed information. The jobs will not change in this update.

Version 1.14


The changes include: 4 new quest groups. Positions of jobs on map will move. New jobs Old jobs modified (difficulty, xp, money etc) Ability to remove uploaded pictures. Cityhall log feature. New products

Version 1.15


The changes include: Players will now receive a report if a premium feature expires. The server time is now shown at the bottom right of the layout. Town forums will be deleted after a town is disbanded. New Quest for Christmas, only available during December.

One small amendment: There are 2 new quests, one is available throughout all of December, another is available only on the 24th and 25th.

Version 1.16


This version does not update the game with any large new features, however it provides the infrastructure for version 1.17 which will be a massive content update.

Some of the notable changes will be: There will be female working process pictures (for the top right of the screen). The town logs now stay for 7 days. Character banners will be available under Settings->Profile->Signature. These are images with information like your name, town, class, level that you can use on your homepage or forum. The server time will be visible in the browser window title. Player's will be able to scroll to their current work in one click, as well as other minor changes. Motivation will influence the chance of getting an item.

Although this update doesn't seem like much, there is a lot of hidden content included ready to be unlocked when version 1.17 is released.

Version 1.17


The changes include: New quest group for each class, over 120 new quests in total. Quest Employers are now visible on the map Messages to all town members are now possible New items that can only be worn by a specific class Fixed map tiles for Safari on Mac OS X Fixed travel duration bug in tasks

Version 1.18


Please note that this will not include the new forts feature.

The changes include: Level cap removed (was 99) [incorrectly translated] At the start a player's start location is nearer to a tobacco field. Quest employers marked with a white point. It is no longer possible to sell your burned uniform. Whiskey is now possible to sell. Skill and attribute displays will no longer be generated by the server. This should improve performance. New quest series completable in March only. New quest series for those level 75 and above. We'll also be adding a new tutorial for new players.

Version 1.19


The biggest changes are to items:

  • Some items can only be worn by men or women
  • There will be new sets of items (more below)
  • Some of the old items will be grouped into sets of items
  • If you wear more than one item from a grouped set of items (for example gray rags, gray shoes) you will receive an extra skill bonus
  • Most new items will be available in town shops
  • Some existing items will have new bonuses

The new sets of clothing will be:

  • Mexican
  • Pigrim (male)
  • Pilgrim (female)
  • Dancer (female)
  • Gentleman (male)
  • Farmer
  • Quaker
  • Indian

There will also be a new quest group which will start at level 67. It has one other secret requirement. In addition to this, there will be a short quest to solve the soldier uniform problems for soldiers.

Other changes include:

  • A more flexible design of the homepage
  • The town forum link is not shown if you are not a resident of a town
  • It will be possible to report offensive telegrams and profiles
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Ability to switch over from report to report

Version 1.20


After the update it will be possible to construct forts and take part in fort battles.

Forts: Every sector now has three spots to build forts. They can be built by a town's councilors. Several buildings can be constructed in the fort, each of them giving different advantages. Constructing buildings in a fort requires products, like wood, iron and stone.

Fort battles: It is possible to try and take over the fort of another town in a big fort battle. Such a battle can be declared by a town's councilor. The fight begins 24 hours later, and the town's members should go to the fort in time to help attacking or defending the fort. The defenders have to hold the fort for 100 battle rounds, or defeat the attackers. The attackers have to take over the fort's flag that is located right in the middle of the fort and have to hold it for 10 rounds, or they have to defeat all defenders. If the attackers win, the attacking town takes over the fort.

There are still a few things that do not work as intended but are being worked on: So far no experience points are gained in fort battles and no items are found Constructing towers, gates and walls has no effect yet The store cannot be constructed yet

You can find more info about forts in the help.

Guns: A new weapon class is now available. Guns can be bought at the gunsmith and will be added to the already constructed gunsmiths. During fort battles only guns are used, dueling weapons have no effect. If you don't have a gun while taking part in a battle, you will use rocks that are lying on the ground. Dueling weapons are exclusively used in duels, guns just in fort battles. The easy way to differentiate between the two is: Guns are equipped in the slot to the right of the clothing slot, dueling weapons are equipped in the slot to the left.

Other changes: The background and the towns can be hidden on the mini map The ranking is now not sorted by name anymore, but by the date the town was finished. Shortly there will be another change that will take fort points into consideration The job "Constructing a fort" has been changed to "Constructing a manor house" to prevent confusion. The job's settings were not changed The travel speed is now shown in mph. With that we make it clearer to show if a percent bonus is relative or absolute New screen-shots have been created for the front page Health points, experience points and energy are now also displayed with numbers Dollar amounts are not shown in the Saloon anymore so that spies are less valuable

The forts are a very new feature. They are very complex and are still being tweaked. Please understand that over time we will have to change calculations and settings to create a good game balance.

Version 1.21


Fort Battles

  • You now get experience points for fort battles
  • Survivors in a fort battle have the chance to find items
  • There is a graveyard in each fort that show the results of the last battles
  • Dying in a fort battle doesn't have affect on the 48 hour duel block
  • Counselors of the attacking and defending towns have the chance to give priority to players so that they definitely get a spot in the battle
  • The fort battle rules are now shown
  • It is shown which town fights on which side of the battle


  • There is a new town ranking that includes forts and other values
  • The homepage now has links to all InnoGames games
  • Horses are now shown on the left side (just looks a lot nicer)
  • The page selection for messages is more convenient when a lot of pages exist
  • The town rights in the fort has been fixed
  • The level 67 quest sequence has been made easier
  • Players receive a message when there have been unsuccessful logins since the last login
  • Players in a spot are sortable

Version 1.22



  • Players can earn achievements
    • The requirements for achievements are secret
    • Achievements are shown on the player profile and do not give any bonuses to your character
  • Change to the duel formula: Toughness and Reflex influence the damage by 75% instead of 100%
  • Holiday mode
    • Players in holiday mode won't be deleted
    • After being in holiday mode for 24 hours a player can not be dueled
    • After being in holiday mode for 2 months a player will receive an email and holiday mode will be deactivated
  • New interface (required for a new chat feature in the next version)
  • Fort changes
    • Raised bonuses on wall by 100%
    • Bonuses are shown on the battle overview
  • New items and item set: 'sleepyhead'
    • Not available in town shops
  • Players who reach level 99 can now earn duel experience and raise their dueling level.

Version 1.23



  • Game internal release data for the development on The-West.
  • New awards have been added.
  • New quest sequence (thanksgiving).
  • Server and game settings have been integrated into the user interface.

Game logic

  • Energy is being refilled after level up.
  • Fort battle map is reflecting the building stages of the fort.
  • Different player limits for the fort battles, depended on the size of the fort. small (defender 42/attacker 50), medium (def 80/att 100), large (def 120/att 140)

User interface:

  • The town and fort profiles have been redone.
  • A new BBCode was added for the town and fort profile.
  • Ranking has been visually redesigned.
  • The interface of the menu "Settings" has been redone.
  • A new signature is available.
  • Fort battle statistics contains now the number of dodged and missed shots. It is also possible to see, how many rounds a player has been online.
  • The map adjusts to the browser's size now. The margin of the deactivated chat has been removed.
  • Configuration menu for the map
  • Town forum links are being highlighted if new posts have been made.
  • Cross browser compatibility enhanced.
  • The fort battle overview is using different icons for different fort sizes.


  • Sorting of fort battle results is no longer case sensitive.
  • Recruiting page is now IE8 compatible.
  • Switching reports is now sorted by date.
  • Forum threads do not lose posts anymore.
  • Hidden forums are only shown with sufficient rights.


  • The Easter quest is now available in all locations.


  • Nuggets can be transferred between players.

Version 1.24



  • Truce time for fortbattles introduced: It's not possible to declare battles during Christmas holidays. The truce times can be looked up in the server configuration page.
  • Medium fortbattles: Defenders have 4 more spots now, formerly 80, now 84.


  • Some new hurt messages are introduced.
  • New Christmas quests and a few other new quests.


  • Added version information to the server settings page.
  • Minimap can now be moved like a window.


  • Removed and fixed falsely given backpacker and globetrotter rewards.
  • Battle map bugfix: Soldier tower in large forts at level 3 were handled as worker tower.
  • Fortbattle client shows now the correct visibility zones.
  • Level 99 players are not deleted from the Hall of Fame any more. Already deleted players lack now the character class information, the other data could be restored however.

Version 1.25



  • Display new account turnover in the bank.
  • Private player-to-player messages in chat
  • Town channel in chat
  • New quests

Bug fixes

  • Overview of fort battle: updating error fixed
  • Different fixes relating to the "Green Card" bug
  • More error-resistant treatment at the end of fort battles

Version 1.26



  • Players can now send their reports to other players using BB-Code and give individual rights
  • The report list now gives information about the reports in a Mouseover-Popup
  • Traders now also sell the items of the top two levels to foreign players
  • Bank limit was removed and replaced with a daily deposit limit and a transaction fee
  • Bonus added for daily login. The players receive an experience bonus, depending on the level and on the experience earned on the previous day.


  • Fort storage now shows the right dollar amount after a deposit
  • Quest text error fixed
  • Quest description and title are now shown correct when a quest is complete and more than one quest window was open.
  • Scroll bar removed when the map is set to the biggest size and the chat is deactivated
  • Changing Fort and Town names is now displayed correct in the chat.
  • BB-Codes fixed in the fort administration

Version 1.27


What's new

  • Popups of the towns and forts on the map now show more information
  • The taskbar (construction queue) was removed from the job screen and is now located on the right and left edge of the screen
  • There is a new report category: Fort battle reports
  • The fort battle overview has a new category: "Last fort battles"
  • Forts can be searched for via the fort battle overview
  • NPC duels are now possible
  • It is now possible to share town forums with other towns.
  • The town forums have configurable icons
  • Entries in the town forum are displayed in reverse order when you reply to the thread, so that the latest post is still visible.
  • Town forum user overview map for shared forums
  • Surveys have been added to the forums
  • Larger in-game forum window
  • Town and player names in the forums are now linked to the profiles
  • Reports which do not only have private reading rights will no longer be deleted
  • Two players on the same team can now exchange their position in fort battles by both entering the other character as their destination (the arrow will turn green when the exchange takes place)
  • Turn order in fort battles defined: Fort owner and attacking town members go first, followed by recruitment rank, leadership points, stamina, and dodging.


  • Design improvement of the job screen for improved usability
  • New design of the fort battle overview
  • The job queue has been expanded to 3 (8 with the Automation premium advantage) orders
  • The calculation of work has been changed, labor points now have a larger influence on money and luck
  • The job screen now shows the money and experience value you will receive for the work done.
  • The popup of a job report now shows an image of the items found

Premium features (new worlds)

  • Money can now be deposited in the bank without fees and without the character being in the town
  • Skill points and attributes can now be purchased with nuggets
  • The reskill costs at the shamans can be offset by nuggets
  • Items can be purchased from the store with Nuggets, without the character being in the town
  • Work products which players can make themselves can be purchased with Nuggets
  • The time can be cut in half with Nuggets
  • Energy can be refilled by paying Nuggets

Deleted features

  • Changing profile image with Nuggets
  • Nugget transfer

Bug fixes

  • The bank fees are calculated based on the amount of money credited to the account by the deposit
  • The starting position of fort fighters has been added to the fort battle log
  • Players can now found towns with money from their account
  • Sorting error in the recruiting view in Google Chrome fixed
  • Smaller bug fixes in the forum user interface
  • The command "/topic" in the chat deletes the current chat topic
  • Empty sub-forums will be automatically marked as read
  • Correction of the duel formula for the experience gain in the help (+5 instead of +4 at the end)
  • Error in the calculation of fort battles bonuses through skill points fixed
  • Fort battle map errors for smaller forts fixed: Tower level 3 is now stronger than level 2 (previously no difference)

Version 1.28


New features

  • A traveling merchant who offers 8 items and replaces his range of products after a while
  • New fort battle character bonuses for adventurers, duelers and workers


  • Registration interface for external scripts to avoid version conflicts
  • Help button now points to Wiki Help
  • New start page
  • During duels, the task bar shows the name of the dueling partner in a popup; the job screens for current tasks can be opened through the job bar
  • Spam protection measure: Limitation of the number of messages that can be sent, depending on the player level. 25 Recipients can be listed at level 15; starting at level 30, 160 recipients can be listed, etc.
  • Now bank deposits state the amount of the deducted fees
  • "Speak" button next to the chat function
  • Telegrams with recipients who block the sender or do not exist now open a dialog with a notice and the option of deleting the relevant recipients from the list


  • Problem with job bar and several signposts has been resolved
  • Current tasks that are interrupted by a fort battle now return the used resources
  • Correct text in the mouse popup for the fort overview
  • The town treasury amounts of foreign towns can no longer be seen through the map
  • Posts to the town forums with a large amount of BBcodes should no longer generate any 504 errors; the maximum length of posts was limited to 10,000 characters
  • Nuggets that were awarded to cut the transit time in half will be reimbursed if the process is canceled
  • Changing places during fort battles now also functions if both sectors are full.

Version 1.29


New features

  • Alliances enabled. Look into the town administration window.
  • Alliances allow you to sleep in forts if one town of your alliance is member of that fort.
  • Dueling members of your alliance will give you a warning.
  • Maneuvers: Fort owners can start maneuvers for training purpose.
  • Sheriff: You can now put bounties on player heads or hunt players down as a business.
  • Market: Towns can build markets that allow you to trade items with fellow people. The higher the market's level, the lower the fees when selling an item.
  • Soldiers fort-battle bonus: Raising their own and of their 4 neighbor's leadership in fort-battles by 25% (50%) of their own leadership.
  • New players have an deactivated chat per default. Players with deactivated chat will see an icon if they can join chat channels.
  • Dueling is done in the location of the player that is dueled.


  • Officers can allow lower ranks to chat as well. Use '/help rights' in the chat input bar to find out more.
  • Chat logon and logoff improved: Closing the chat or logging out will instantly inform other players that are online.
  • Battle logs contains player's character class and character level.
  • Displaying current hit and dodge bonuses in fort-battles for yourself and your teammates.
  • Different symbols in fort-battles for different character classes.
  • Displaying the support that is granted by nearby soldiers.
  • Wanted button in player profile added
  • County chats will be enabled with the update. Players will be able to leave channels, but have to do this after every login currently


  • Decreased worker's fort-battle bonus from 40% to 30%.
  • The worker bonus is no longer affecting the character's tower bonus.
  • The graphics for Charlatan's Shoes have been modified so they are no longer identical in appearance to the Fancy Shoes.
  • First round in fort battles is now only 2.5 minutes instead of 5.


  • Duel settings are saved before NPC duels are executed (there's a 3 second delay to improve server's performance).
  • Corrected bugfix that was supposed to fix the lack of starting position information in the battle logs. It should now be fixed.
  • Fort battle fights show correct dodged shot values now.
  • Can't buy from the wandering trader during a fort battle anymore
  • Can't do NPC duels during a fort battle

In addition to these changes, there are a few more items relevant to the International Version:

  • A chat affront will be included. This allows players to report messages in breach of our communications rules in a similar fashion to reporting telegrams.
  • To avoid confusion, two of the "shot guns" have been renamed.

Version 1.30


New Features

  • Pants!
  • Belts!
  • New jobs
  • The item stacks in the inventory are gone for the sake of clarity: Per item type just one stack
  • Item-type filter in inventory to simplify finding items
  • New tutorials, deactivated old tutorials
  • You can now travel to ghost towns to fetch market bids
  • Alliance window: You can see towns, forts and player stats in an alliance on one page
  • Alliances can have a short description text
  • New dueler bonus: Action radius - duelers may duel players without travel time within a certain radius
  • Player duels through the duel window: Now you can easily see whom you want to duel without searching through the map
  • Telegrams can be categorized
  • Telegram writing redesigned in look and feel
  • Item popup tells if the item can be sold on the market
  • Market inventory shows only auctionable items
  • You can level up to 120 now
  • Hall of fame extended to collect records of other levels than just 99
  • Show bounty fee when setting a bounty on someone
  • Dead or alive: You can choose the way you want to have your target *Protection from bounties: Once a victim has been defeated, some time has to pass until a new bounty can be set on the victim's head
  • Certain jobs may have variable work times


  • Recruits or higher grades can now chat in fort battle chats per default
  • You can't bid on your own market offers anymore
  • Soldier items can no longer be found (like the other character class items)
  • You can pay market bids from cash or bank account
  • Forts can be protected against takeovers by admins (for game mastered worlds)
  • Players who attacked someone by dueling can now be attacked for at least 45 minutes even if they sleep in hotels
  • Players who had a bounty on their head and were knocked out are protected from further bounties for some time
  • Experience can be earned even after having reached the max level
  • The duelist's bonus for duel motivation raise is increased to 40% (was 20%).


  • Fort battle chat rights settings work properly now (only English folks haven't experienced any problems
  • Sorting in the market fixed
  • Maneuvers can be reopened via click on chatroom name of the maneuver
  • Market bidders can no longer be found out through technical measures
  • Report bb code works now regardless of report title
  • Multiple items can now put on the market as an offer
  • Chat should no longer complain that you don't have the rights to talk in your own town
  • Fort list doesn't explode any more in case of too many forts
  • Townless characters no longer come up with the idea that they still belong to a town when looking at the map
  • Cyrillic nicknames shouldn't be a problem in fort battles anymore
  • Many other smaller fixes

Version 1.31


New Features

  • New tutorial and introduction questline
  • Poker: You will be able to play poker with other players
  • Crafting: Your Character will now be able at level 20 to choose a profession and craft items
  • Buffs: You can buff your character now there are 3 different kinds of buff categories (items, travel, character)
  • Equip-Manager!
  • Send money via bank transfer (activated per version)
  • Bonus-Codes: A new system to get bonus items via codes
  • Item comparison inventory screen
  • Facebook integration
  • Random product job drops


  • Many issues with internet explorer fixed
  • Issues with renaming towns and browser cache
  • Adventurer product bonus was not shown correctly on jobs
  • Building point calculation error with Pilgrim set
  • Text errors
  • Jobs at edge of map removed
  • Mini map hiding of ghost towns
  • Town forum survey fix
  • Skill description bug
  • Image errors
  • Market exploit
  • Item popups
  • Re-attacking players when signed into a fort battle
  • Duel bugs
  • Job window not fully visible
  • Duel search -> empty server response
  • Alliance rights fixes
  • Quest giver over town
  • Telgram jumps to page 1 when archiving
  • Market/ghost town problem
  • Several admin-tool fixes
  • Other smaller bugfixes


  • haze.png removed
  • Maximum level is selected per default when sleeping in own hotel
  • "show on map" button in town overview
  • bb code for alliances
  • Changes to chest drop rate at fort battle
  • Quests, items, holiday specials
  • Players can sign in to fort battles of allied forts from afar
  • Duel and fort battle reports show more detailed information
  • Golden gun will not stack anymore in fort battles

Version 1.32



  • Miscellaneous chat improvements
  • Miscellaneous fort battle improvements
  • Miscellaneous town improvements
  • Achievements
  • Miscellaneous poker improvements
  • Avatar generator
  • Changes to old duel system
  • Email reminders after inactivity (3, 7, 14 days of inactivity)
  • New payment window


  • New quest
  • Show town name below character name in duel menu
  • Poker / Texas Holdem guide
  • Gentleman’s and Indian Set receive additional items
  • Poker - notification when it's your turn
  • Poker - allow actions to be queued
  • Poker - graphics closing / pause between rounds
  • Poker - grey out names of folded players
  • Poker - room options
  • Poker - pot shown in front of individual players until end of round


  • County is not renamed on minimap when updated
  • Energy points were still deducted when duel is cancelled due to increase in duel level difference
  • Fort/Town flags is aligned right, not centre
  • Found fort missing minimap icon
  • Display problems with conquistador sword mouseover
  • Incorrect number of quests shown in statistics
  • Separate chat channel option for manoeuvres broken
  • Missing translations in chat /help
  • Error message too vague when bidding outside of allowed range
  • Allied forts marked red on minimap
  • Players cannot bid on some recipes
  • Time travel exploit fixed
  • Sheriff statistics displayed wrong
  • Bypass inventory limits exploit fixed
  • Rare character level displayed as your own, not other player
  • Crafting when queue full no longer freezes
  • Character class tutorial reappears after removing it without a class
  • Problems with fort construction
  • Weapon chain and cooling cloth bonuses swapped
  • Poker - wrong action (infrequent)
  • Poker - any action causes chat to scroll to bottom
  • Poker - leave at end of round cannot be aborted
  • Poker - closing chat hides cards

Technical Tasks

  • Flash connection tester for fort battles
  • Fort battle recruiting: display total per rank and overall
  • Fort battle maps lack highest tower level settings
  • Fort Battles Ranking Page sort error
  • Alliance affects fort battle joining and view
  • Acoustic and visual chat alerts
  • Fort battle report mouseover shows report summary
  • Pre fort battle mouseover shows start in local and server time
  • Select all telegram pages
  • Show more recent fort battles
  • Graveyard shows more fort battles than past six months
  • Sleeping in barracks isn’t cancelled when the town leaves fort
  • Wrong rank is shown in chat
  • Option to turn off chat alerts
  • Show detailed player info on fort battle recruiting page
  • Inserting third player to alliance description prevents saving
  • Wrong weapon used in some manoeuvres
  • Fort overview flashes for global new fort battles
  • Swapping no longer shown for enemy team

Version 1.33


Referral System

  • Friends can be invited to play the game via email, Facebook, direct link and advertisement banners. Prizes will be automatically distributed as more friends register and continue to play the game.

New Content

  • Twelve new 500+ difficulty recipes (three per profession), many new items and two questlines (Wasteland and Hackett's Claim) have been added to the game.

Duelling Changes

  • Several tweaks have been applied to the duelling formula; aim and dodging will be boosted whilst appearance, tactics, toughness and reflex will be nerfed.
  • A new quest will be available shortly after the update offering a one time opportunity to reset your duelling skills.

Achievement Rewards

  • Some achievements now reward XP, cash, money, exclusive items or WestWars' style titles upon completion.

Friends List

  • Existing players can be invited to join your friends list, where you can see their statistics and online status.

Other New Features

  • Character titles can be attained/displayed/shared.
  • Achievement notifications can be closed immediately.
  • Founders can change the alliance name.
  • Equipment sets can be altered after storing them.
  • New throbber (loading graphic) - spinning revolvers
  • Further rollout of the new screen design: Town hall, Reports, Telegrams, Fort overview.
  • Minimise and close all buttons added to new design.
  • Collector cards have been introduced.
  • Tutorial for Friends List / Referral System.
  • Buffalo Bill's saddle bag donated to all referees.
  • Visual alert if someone whispers you when chat is hidden.
  • Mouseover detail window for sleeping added.
  • Mouseover details window for crafting added.


  • Avatar generator reset button is greyed over when no unsaved changes exist.
  • More contrast between attained and unattained achievements.
  • Alliance name in chat is now a link.
  • Manoeuvres have option to be run at maximum health.
  • Better indication/alerts for stacked buffs when about to be overwritten.
  • Confirm request necessary to delete alliance forum.
  • Email reminders of inactivity have been rewritten to be less generic.


  • Poker bug hunting: several errors corrected.
  • Achievement bug hunting: several errors corrected.
  • Town forum sometimes missing pages when a thread has over ten posts.
  • Items missing from player profile when opened via another profile.
  • Wrong image shown for some crafting instructions when scrolling via arrows.
  • Buffs are shown on foreign items.
  • Achievement "The first step..." was buggy.
  • Amulet bonus does not always disappear.
  • Stacked items disappearing. (hotfixed)
  • Using feed bag slows greenhorn speeds to 2mph.
  • Wrong achievement points shown for "slumber junkie".
  • Avatar problem in town forum user list.
  • Job id 711 (in Waupee's Village) not working.
  • Report links in profile broken.
  • Too many pages shown when searching for a duelling opponent.
  • Some fort names brake name display.
  • Questbook / Saloon cannot be opened by some players.
  • Vacation mode cannot be ended by some players.
  • Banned players still receive inactivity reminder emails.
  • Achievements "NPC Butcher", "I fought the economy crisis and won" and "Master of Construction" were buggy.
  • Some players could not share their reports.
  • Prompt to remove non-existent telegram recipients left behind "ghost telegrams".
  • Quest medals should now be unobtainable.

Version 1.33.1


New Features

  • New questline "Charlie" added for players level 90 or higher.


  • Added achievements for completing questlines introduced in 1.33 proper.
  • Reintroduction of the preview telegram function.
  • Placate shaman can now be used from the skills menu.
  • Higher Income can now be activated from the job screen.
  • Altered layout of "Play Now!" window when registering to a world.


  • Corrected formula for money distributed after fort battles (in some instances too much was being given out).
  • Fixed attacker information in fort battle tooltip.
  • Stopped existing translations disappearing.
  • Fixed map not loading compatibility issue in IE7.
  • Corrected duel reports so they remember last used flash/html setting.
  • Correct report is now loaded after deleting another open report.
  • Fixed "add friend" button in telegram window.
  • Made all recipes, i.e. 500+ points, auctionable.
  • Missing portrait added for gold digger questgiver.
  • Player BB code now works when the username contains spaces.
  • Corrected timer shown to rejoin a town.
  • Collector cards no longer get displayed in the inventory - only visible in the achievement menu as intended.
  • Prevented townless players from being shown the option to become town's founder when the last founder leaves town.
  • Fixed text length issues with titles in the residents list.
  • Fixed town founders not being able to demote themselves.
  • Prevented quest item "Lion" from being obtainable twice.
  • Fixed players with long usernames from being unable to be removed from town.
  • Miscellaneous tutorial fixes.
  • Removed inconsistencies with the login button positioning and text.

Version 1.35


New Features

  • Union Pacific Shop
    • Special items are offerd in the Union Pacifix Shops that can be bought with nuggets or Union Pacific Bonds.
  • Daily Activity System
    • For solving given tasks each day you get Union Pacific Bonds that can be spent in the Union Pacific Shop.
  • Completely reworked Inventory with new layout and new functions.
    • The inventory is now much faster, there's a search function that allowes to access an item very fast and there's an extra tab for new items which makes it easier to find an item one just got as a job reward or auction.
  • New market
    • The market has been improved a lot. Both the layout and functionality has been advanced. It is now possible to sell and buy stacks, there's a personal watched list, a search function and an overview that shows you all items that will expire in the next few minutes.
  • New content
    • There are 8 new high level recipies which are very hard to craft. The reward is pretty cool though. Moreover there are tons of new daily quests available in the saloon, some new items and a few new achievements.
  • The church has no max building level anymore. Each 10 levels the praay bonus raises by 1
  • New premium function: Set waiting time for rejoining a town to 0.
  • New layout for profile and character screen
  • Archieve for reports. Reports in the archieve are automatically deleted after 1 day and can be sent back to the standard folder.
  • Group telegrams
  • Achievements can now be shown in a new achievement box in the profile screen
  • Link to premium buy window when user has insufficient nuggets and clicks on a function to use nuggets. also all other expected error messages
  • Premium Bonus Automation: Give a notification when you have the energy for more obs but lack the capacity (only 4 slots)
  • New premium feature: Add items to the market from anywhere on the map
  • Pimp layout of e-mails sent to the players by the game
  • Item popup rework
  • Show time until you can duel someone after KO in Sherif and Saloon (Mouseover "Duel not possible for 48 hours.")
  • Better explanation for smith recipies
  • Best free hotel room is now automatically selected for adventureres in foreign hotels.
  • New Pony Express message: Send email when you get dueled.
  • Premium: Express delivery to get items of expired market auctions


  • Rollup effect of ingame windows is deactivated by default now.
  • Digit seperator for money and nugget bars added
  • Show duel levelup in the duel report
  • Player names in the poker lobby are separated by a comma now
  • Community Request: display the chosen profession
  • Achievement: The traveling circus
  • Allow page jump in the report screen
  • Crafting recipies in the crafting screen are now sorted by difficulty


  • Change the level cap for some weapons
  • Restart and Market items bis
  • Shared reports that are linked in a profile don't open any longer
  • Changing of access restrictions and linking an whole page of reports doesn't work any longer
  • Hits are not shown
  • Equipment manager (Ausrüstungsmanager)
  • Telegrams in telegram categories cant be deleted
  • Duel reports always open in html and not last used setting (flash/html)
  • Previewing a new telegram shows the whole text in bold
  • Occasionally the button/rights to change the alliance text disapeared
  • When opening the ingame forums in a new window/tab the BB-codes bar is missing when writing a new post/editing an old one
  • Poll title is not shown in forum
  • Market windows sometimes cannot be scrolled when the bidder's name is too long
  • report - critical error
  • Start tour bug
  • Shared achievement report show the date when yourself get the achievement or "false"
  • DuelPage: Long player names destroy layout
  • "Empty current folder" doesn't work
  • Fix achievement for achievement 2044
  • Friendship banner error - URL Mixup!
  • Bugs with quests achievements
  • Achievement 1015 - Selling 2 or more items, counts only as one. Selling price, of only one item, is added to this achievement.
  • Fix chests, give chests to players with obsolete items, give 1 day free premium for all
  • Using an item that contains a collector card generates an error message
  • Small blind
  • Progressbar in job report broken, see attached image
  • Quest ID 2043342 "Your present" bug
  • Profile Achievements showing using the wrong user
  • Fort battle peace time
  • Some quest givers doesn't disappear when you finish them questlines
  • Wrong chattext, when a female character has a level up
  • Character Overview Speed doesn't include item-buffs (mount)
  • Achievements - "more" doesn't show previous achievements
  • Icon of unknown questrewards
  • Wrong description if you gain lvl 5
  • Pony express saddlery needs a pony express saddlery to be crafted
  • Achievement 2011 does not work
  • Achievement 1015 didn't work
  • [Town forum]Single quote in preview text destroys tooltip
  • Wrong scrolling of pokerlog

Version 1.34

Version 1.34 was not released from public beta. It incorporated many features dependant upon Version 1.35 improvements, thus could not independently pass quality control. Individual revisions were later incorporated into 1.35.

Version 1.36


  • Completely reworked skill screen with a fresh modern design and some minor feature improvements
  • New screen design for Settings, Premium and Fort screen
  • Job "darn socks" changed to "Attaching spurs"
  • Market search ignores set filters now
  • Players in vacation mode are not shown in duel list anymore
  • Translation change of "Read" button on interstitial window (only interesting for .net market)

New Features

  • Three new quest lines

Player Migration

  • Character migration (disabled until further notice)


  • Problems with not changing chats are fixed
  • Tutorial window bugfixes
  • Wrong count of daily activities
  • The refresh button on the interstitial window doesn't work
  • In some cases the "reports" button doesn't light when you receive a new report
  • auction watched - missing buttons - Delete buttons added to watchlist entries
  • Missing translations fixed
  • Fetched Market Offers visible again when trying to sort for something
  • Blocked players can still answer telegrams of the person who has blocked them
  • Searching for the phrase "indi" in the inventory doesn't show every matching item
  • craft button is overlaying recipe
  • Items from achievements/quests won't trigger other achievements
  • Pony express sends out notifications about duels even if there weren't any duels
  • if you choose your avatar before logging in for the first time you still have the greenhorn picture in the game.
  • Blacksmiths can't get the achievement "Knight in shining armor"
  • Level-Up wasn't shown in a fort battle-report
  • Quest 20403 can't be accessed by some players
  • Several problems with player BB-Code fixed
  • friendlist online/offline status
  • Pete's Remington graphics
  • Collector's set bonuses fixed
  • Crafting - missing materials when crafting window is opened shortly after login
  • If you sleep in a hotel while city was abandoned, task says "Sleeping in null"
  • Players using external script can open the market window in town where is no market (market level = 0). So, buyer can't take an item.
  • "&" character in chatlinks is converted wrong

Version Two

Version 2.00


New Map

  • There is a completely newly created map with new graphics, more variety and a lot of new stuff to discover. The whole map has been created tile by tile manually, not with a generator which leads to excellent quality.

New Interface and game windows

  • The West 2.0 will run in Fullscreen and therefore got a new modern interface. There are no borders anymore and symbols are mainly used instead of text navigation. Furthermore we reworked all ingame screens, and improved their layout and functionality.

New Job system

  • The new job system is more exciting and rewards activity. That smoothens the game flow, especially in the start phase and will help keeping new players in the game.

New tutorial

  • The new tutorial is a lot shorter than the old one, a lot clearer and only explains the most important features in a graphical attractive and rewarding way.

Other features and improvement

  • Improved chat system that allows to create custom chats and works with separate tabs for chat rooms
  • Extended ingame bug report tool that show map coordinates for easier reporting of map errors
  • Improved minimap with a lot of new functions
  • Notification System that informs about events like levelups, reports and fort battles directly in the main interface
  • Improved chat that is divided into chat rooms (fort battle, county, town, whispers, ...)
  • Hotkey System that allows you to open screens and navigate on the map by pressing keys on your keyboard
  • Travelling is visualized with an animated cowboy on the map
  • New players have a very high speed buff for the first hours
  • Experience raise for all game modules by factor 3
  • Poster in the Saloon shows all daily quests
  • Quests, especially the first ones, were adapted to the new job system (both, requirements and rewards)
  • Greenhorn set adjusted
  • Player Request: Motivation listed in job mouseover
  • Link to town hall in alliance invitation report added
  • Exact deletion time from deletion screen removed to avoid confusion
  • Fort battle starts added to Pony Express
  • TaskQueue: Increase Queue To 4 / 9 jobs with premium
  • Poker has been removed
  • Advanced Interface highlights for open skill points, new items, new town forum posts, new reports and new messages

Version 2.04


Main features

  • Job system improvements
    • three different job times available, jobs can be unlocked either via level or via labour points and the job window itself is now totally reworked and very shiny.
  • Quest Tracker
    • Quests can be marked for the quest tracker in the quest book. The status of the marked quests will be shown on the quest tracker directly on the interface. Furthermore, jobs that are needed for quests in the quest tracker will be highlighted on the map.
  • Notebook
    • In the second tab of the Quest tracker window you will find a notebook that allows you to save notes. All BB-Codes can be used in this feature. Both the quest tracker and/or the notebook can be deactivated in the Settings menu.
  • Cloth calculator now includes set bonuses and other item bonuses
    • Now finally, the cloth calculator in the job windows includes all bonuses, including set bonuses to it's calculations.
  • Characters are not deleted due of inactivity but just hidden from the world.

Features and improvements

  • New login bonus available.
  • New level up display that also shows newly unlocked jobs upon each level up.
  • Passing out on a job doesn't protect you from duels anymore. The 48 hour duel protection has been removed from this specific KO type.
  • Crafting is instant now - the 5 minute craft time has been removed.
  • Additional friend invite rewards are given out for each invited friend that reaches level 10 (10 bonds).
  • Updates taskbar (Now shows all open game windows, can be deactivated in the settings).
  • Improved telegram window screen design with expandable text area.
  • Duel animation is now shown for NPC duels.
  • Consumables in the inventory are highlighted by a consumable icon.
  • Improved world selection screen.
  • New achievement animation.
  • Improved achievement screen.
  • Map marker mode is deactivated after clicking on the marker button again.
  • Facebook 'Like' reminder appears at level 20.
  • Chat user list improvements have been made.
  • Market auction countdown is better displayed now.
  • Added extra information when you use a buff which explains that the buff is removed the moment you start a task.
  • Money transfer for non email-confirmed accounts are blocked (Not applicable on .net).
  • New previous and next buttons display in the report window.
  • Fort names in Fort battle overview can be copied now.
  • Chat window doesn't put itself into foreground when you mouseover the chat area.
  • Improved duel animation.
  • Reports: Facebook share button moved to better place.
  • Units for statistics added.
  • Bookmark page reminder appears at level 20.
  • Replaced starter buff with greenhorn bonus (This bonus is only available until level 10!).
  • Less points are now needed for the last friendship level.
  • It is easier for invited friends to join a player's world.
  • New tutorial completion graphic has been added.
  • Tutorial hint texts for some steps have been added.
  • Saloon highlights after the tutorial is finished.
  • Fog of war in the tutorial has been added.
  • Text adjustments of some quest requirements.
  • Better icons for shared fort battle reports on Facebook.
  • The job motivation is always set back to 100% during the night.


  • Link in friend request report should open the "requests" tab of the friends window now.
  • Re-login into maneuvers was impossible after getting kicked out. It is now possible.
  • If title+nickname is too long, town member list is bugged. This is fixed.
  • Correct numbers are now shown in the item counter graphic for fort stocks.
  • No information in the chat window when you (un-)ignore a player.
  • Invite in town via email didn't work.
  • Quest hint texts are not showing up in quest book.
  • Glass of water doesn't disappear from your equipped items after finding a loaf of bread for quest 815 "Charlie (Supplies)".
  • Fort ranks - window didn't auto close anymore.
  • Achievement percentage sometimes said 99% instead of 100%.
  • Progress bar for daily activities was missing.
  • Quest text scrolling problems fixed.
  • Graphic problem in duel report if you are sleeping.
  • Tooltip of linked items in the town forum lies under the frame border.
  • Tonic peddler's bag - Iron, Hammers and Cards have been removed.
  • Telegram sorting problems have been fixed.
  • One fort battle sector was shown incorrectly.
  • Bonuses from crafting are not shown to other users anymore.
  • Missing town name from market report.
  • Stone is not dropping from Beginner's bag anymore.
  • Markers aren't linked anymore if you use more than one in a row.
  • Rewards for quest 867 "Help for father Brown (The Trevisano's memento)" didn't fit in one row correctly.
  • Small improvement of the "item used" popup.
  • Many translation fixes.
  • Many map bugfixes.

Version 2.06


  • New Theatre building in the towns (Deactivated for .net).
  • Slightly more experience will be received for church construction.
  • Damage of the personal weapons (The weapons you receive after logging in on the 7th consecutive day) has been slightly decreased.
  • Friends quest are no longer accessible on blocked worlds.


  • Bugs in the selection screen of the class has been fixed.
  • Translation fixes.
  • A few other minor bugfixes.

Version 2.07

Main Features

  • Item rework in order to have items of all kinds in all level ranges that are all fair and well balanced, we changed bonuses, level requirements and dollar values of 180 items and added 280 new ones. With the update we will also reset all town traders. They will offer new items then. We also adjusted many chests and achievements in order to fit the new balancing.
  • Friends bar: The friends bar provides an overview about your friends, town members and alliance members. Via the friendsbar you directly see who is online and have quick access to messaging or whispering them or show their profile. The friendsbar can be hidden for the case you need the screen space for fort battle plannings or other things.


  • First purchaser bonus (After purchasing nuggets one time you will get an additional free play for the Traveling fair - permanent feature)
  • Tax refund images have been changed
  • Singular form for two strings added
  • Level requirement for quest line "The raid" set to 88 from 84
  • Preparations for Main Story 3 (Will start in a few weeks)
  • 2 changes on "The perfect heist" (One time requirement and one item requirement changed)


  • Required for a quest icon disappears early when only one of multiple quests are finished
  • Random events were still in German
  • Whispering tab/windows stick open
  • Quest line ID 85 "The six bandits" changes
  • tw_task_sleep entry without room
  • Quest ID 277 bad job icon visualization
  • Town forum crashes
  • The button for the blackboard in a town needs to be changed
  • Glitch/bug: showlink
  • [Achievement "Warrior"] Complete fifty duels has problem to be completed
  • Problem with "bold" on a string
  • Black mountains ID 1005 and ID 1006 changes
  • "Duella null" and wrong tooltip
  • Some ingame forum links do not work
  • Achievement id 50075 has wrong requirements
  • Friends bar toggle arrows are hidden if a vertical scroll bar appears

Version 2.08

Level cap increase to 150

  • Experience points after level 120
    • All experience that you have collected so far will be kept and level 120 players who have collected a lot of additional experience points over the past will instantly get set to a higher level. You can find the full experience table here to see which level you will become and how much experience you need to advance to further levels: Experience Tabel

Of course you will get new skill and attribute points for level ups again like you are used to it.

  • New items
    • We added hundreds of new high level items to the game that can be found, bought at the town traders and be purchased through new chests in the item shop. There is of course a bunch of new rare and named items for all those collectors of you, too.
  • New Quests
    • Three new quest lines are waiting for high level players:
      • Call of Zuma (Requires level 105)
      • Lone Ranger (Requires level 115)
      • The assassination of Jesse James (Requires level 125)
    • Furthermore there are many new daily quests that will ask you for the products you can obtain from doing the new jobs in the middle of the map.
  • New jobs
    • With 2.08 and the level cap raise the middle of the map has been revealed. A whole new area is waiting to get explored and the best part about it: 20 new jobs can be found there and only there. These new jobs give higher rewards than all other jobs before but require more labour points, too.
  • Other information
    • A new page has been added to the Hall of Fame that shows the first players who reached level 150 on each world. The town traders max level will be set to 15 (Tailor/General Store) and to 20 (Gunsmith).

Features and improvements

  • Improving the visibility and User Interfaces of fort battles
    • Being a member of a town is no longer a requirement to attend a fort battle
    • Players do not have to stand at the fort's location to register anymore
    • UI element for all planned fort battles added
    • pony express notification for fort battles added
    • Chat announcement for planned fort battles added
    • Several other small Interface improvements
  • All Holiday and Event quests are limited to a certain time frame again. Quests can only be accepted and finished within a time frame that is now shown in the quest description, too. The reason for this change is a technical change that we had to do in order to be able to have repeatable versions of all holiday quests so that you can play them every year. That also means that you won't be able to finishe the quests seasonal and event quests that you have accepted already anymore after the update!
  • New "Mini Shop" design for users with small screen resolutions
  • Main Story 5 (The north, the south and the brunette) starts right with the update (Requirements are level 50 and having MS4 completed)
  • Gold Rusher Event Quest line starts on the 23rd and can be finished until the 29th (Requirements are level 10 and "Save the Saloon 2" finished)
  • "Remove friend" tooltip in chat is now only shown for players on the friends list
  • Level based bonuses on items now show the absolute values


  • Updating the pickaxes in the job window when changing labour points didn't always lead to the correct results
  • Town invitations can be seen in the town hall again
  • Message in animated duel window for bounty fetched was missing
  • Achievement 50059 was reseted when migrating a character
  • First purchase bonus missing translation

Version 2.16

Day of the Dead Event

  • Flower collection: Players can collect flowers by doing various kinds of actions in the game or from friends
  • Community rewards: When all players of one world reach certain amounts of flowers, they will all be rewarded with special map graphics, a quest line and items
  • Personal rewards: When reaching certain amounts of flowers, the players are rewarded with items and avatar graphics
  • One of the personal rewards is a card game that players can play to get exclusive set items

Adventures bugfixes and improvements

  • Notifications are shown when zones get captured or lost and when players die, respawn, reconnect, go afk or quit the game
  • Translation string for name of the Adventure map added
  • Name of fort battles/adventure buff bonuses changed to "Multiplayer defense" and "Multiplayer attack"
  • Achievement in adventure did not give rewards (You now get 50 veteran points that will be displayed as well)
  • Multiplayer buffs are now consumed in adventures
  • Long player names truncating onto the next line caused adventure stats table to distort


  • Longtimers are no longer automatically extended when world is closed.
  • Duel money bonus was not working properly for npc duels
  • Chat settings can't be opened
  • Mobile Trader - items do not reload to new items immediately after change offer is used.

Version 2.17

Duelling system improvements

  • The below explained changes are technically part of the update but are deactivated as we are still collecting experience from the Public Beta and international worlds! As soon as we have plans to activate them on more worlds, we will let you know.
    • Goal: Reduce the 0 motivation duelling issue
    • Duelling levels will be capped at four hundred and fifty
    • Losing a duel will deduct a third of the duel experience you would have gained for winning
    • Active characters with no duel initiated in the past forty five days will lose 1% of their current duel experience each week
    • Duel motivation will never fall below 1%
    • Job knockouts will no longer afford duel protection
    • More information:

Valentine's Day preparations

  • Preparations for the Valentine's Day event that will start in the second week of February. We will inform you about the details soon.


  • Sometimes "0" of a certain product were required for building the travelling fair
  • The Christmas Spirit achievement couldn't be completed
  • Achievement "Pony Express" couldn't be completed
  • Raven and hour glass of the new Christmas set are now auctionable and the hour glass is now sellable
  • A couple more smaller bugfixes

Version 2.19

Features and Improvements

  • Implementation of Valentine's Day Bundle Sale
  • Player limit of custom chat rooms has been increased to 50 from 20.
  • Now you can additionally filter for enemies in a 15 minutes duelling range in the duel player window


  • The animated duel report showed wrong money for the loser when using items with bonus money
  • Players got last year's world reward Valentine's Day achievement instead of this years. The reward will be corrected and the achievements exchanged with the update.

Version 2.20

With version 2.20 a new feature is implemented: The item upgrading. So far having 3 donkeys didn't have any advantage but now you can merge your three donkeys into a stronger donkey. Also many bugfixes will be implemented and a couple of smaller game improvements.

Features and Improvements

  • Adventures affront system
    • It is very important for us to maintain a nice and fair environmet. For that, it is needed that players who are not playing according to the rules can be reported and will get punished. Now, bad language in Adventure chats can be reported just like in the general chat and our team will take care of working on the reports.
  • Shop Sale notifications
    • Every weekend, from Friday to Sunday, we have a random discount on our item shop. Now, there is a notification on the left-hand side that informs about Sales on the shop. Also, the shop icon on the bottom of the interface is now highlighted stronger.
  • Collector card description
    • Collector cards are a special type of consumable items. Before, the description in the mouseover said "Contains an item". Since this is not the case for collector cards, we gave them a unique description.
  • No warning when sending a telegram to a non-existent user
  • Many Adventure translation fixes
  • After updating, sometimes the loging in on closed worlds was possible
  • "Rush on Tombstone" town existed on the map twice
  • Some achievements were duplicated and/or in the wrong section
  • [Public Beta] It was not possible to change the e-mail address
  • Bartender's Set - bonus
  • Venomous snake has no speed
  • Telegrams: "subject" text field escaped from the window in some browsers
  • Town: Chrome: missing "hand" symbol when mousing over town buildings or saloon quest givers
  • Start fort battle timer is incorrect (server time vs. local time problem)
  • Properties of Long Range Revolvers (Item ID 44040-44047) weren't consistent, now none of them are auctionable or sellable

Version 2.21

Features and improvements

  • Item Upgrading
    • You can now upgrade your items to make them stronger. All you need is three identical items and a few dollars or nuggets. Then you can merge these three items into a "1-star item" with higher bonuses. Three 1-star items can then be forged into a 2-star item that is even stronger. This works with almost all items, a few rare items are excluded. A couple of achievements for the item upgrading are waiting to be discovered as well. Important for script developers: We changed all item ids to a new system that represents the item's level directly in the ID. You might need to adjust your scripts.
    • Read more about the Item Upgrading on the wiki page
  • New Adventure Achievements
    • We added more than 20 new achievements for the Adventures that reward very active and skilled players. For many of the achievements we just started collecting the stats which means that we cannot reactively unlock them for players who have fulfilled the requirements in the past already. Sorry!
  • Improvements to settings
    • Explanation tooltips to Settings in settings window added
    • Setting "Toggle visibility" in fort battles removed, "visibility" is now always shown
    • Setting for "Toggling starting area" from fort battles removed, now the starting area is highlighted in the starting phase and then hidden
    • "Back" button from settings menu window removed because it had the same functionality as the close button on the top right
  • Changes to theater
    • We switched to a new Video provider for our theaters that works a bit different than the previous one. Now, videos are bigger and not permanently available which means that you sometimes might need to come back later to check if a new video is available. On the pro side, you should not be spammed with the same video 5-times a day anymore.
  • Preparations for Easter Event
    • We are implementing a couple of preparations and items for the new Easter Event. We might change stats, balancing or even functionality of the items still though.
  • And a lot more...
    • Forum thread icons are now better highlighted so that new threads can be better distinguised from read threads
    • "Damn" was removed from quest and tutorial texts to create a nicer atmosphere.
    • Town: possibility to click on "# residents" from town view to see list of town residents added
    • Telegrams: text in "delete" button is now better aligned
    • Country fair rewards: Usability icon in reward overview is not shown anymore so that the actual rewards are more prominent


  • Fort construction - 30 minute constr. required 1 hour product supply
  • Players couldn't close the start fort battle notification window
  • Sometimes Adventure domination points were calculated incorrectly
  • Changelog information were in German on EN market for versions older than 1.30
  • NPC duel menu timers and sheriff duel protection countdown were wrong when the last page reload was long ago
  • Wrong pop up on town founding spot (Said: "This is a player's town")
  • Missing visibility of finish requirement for the quest "Ruffians of Tombstone"
  • User title choice broke the game's interface when many user titles were available
  • Collector card description changes were promised in 2.20 but should now really be in the update

Version 2.21.7


  • Changed Easter end-date to 23:59:59


  • Fort battle bonuses aren't shown in the upgrade window
  • Impossible to see animated duels on reports from before the update
  • "Item not upgradeable" with 0 items chosen
  • Adventure daily quests were broken
  • Quickshot achievement and statistics were broken
  • Chat log not visible in punishment details of MPI affronts
  • Workaround to fix MPI daily quest
  • Other smaller Adventure achievement bugfixes

Version 2.22

Features and improvements

  • New Quest line: Relentless
    • Big trouble in Big Bourbon. The owner of a hotel is being shot, his daughter badly injured by a group of bandits. Now she wants revenge and you are her hunter. But what started out as a simple bounty job, turns into a complex play of characters the more the story evolves....
  • It is now possible to craft several items at once
    • This saves time and more importantly, doesn't cause the server to block your account because of too many requests. We are looking forward to your feedback on how to improve this little feature even further!
  • New Shop category sorting
    • We merged three categories into one that we thought were pretty similar already. This way, we have two tabs less on the Shop window and it is easier to keep an overview of all categories. Instead, on the new category "Add name here", you will find all Buff items, crafting items and a few more like the tent and energy and motivation bags. Since one of our last updates already, you can also find tooltips on the category tabs.
  • Other features and improvements
    • [Graphic] Better accentuated gold & bronze colour on Pickaxe job window.
    • Shorten long titles in the town hall.
    • The work button will now stop blinking once the work window is opened.
    • Deactivate emails from closed worlds.
    • [Community request] Reduce cost of Energy points for town and fort construction.
    • [Community request] Show npc_maxdifficulty in statistic screen and duel screen.
    • Don't show "accept market delivery" button if you don't have any items on ghost town's market.
    • Create new limited amount shop marker and exchange it.


    • Items that are not upgradable anymore but upgraded already cannot be equipped. Now they can be equipped again and keep their upgrade bonuses.
    • Impossible to add more players to chat blacklist / fix of empty warning message.
    • Clouds don't dissapear at the end of the tutorial if you click too fast.
    • [Item Upgrade]: Fort battle bonuses aren't shown in the upgrade window.
    • Adventure rewards display still using old item IDs.
    • Changelogs not being displayed in the correct language.
    • Game does not track how many times you used Quick Shot.
    • [Easter wof] Friends bar filter by "can send ses currency to" does not work.
    • Sort by level (filter) on the market does not work.

Version 2.23

Features and improvements

  • It’s time for “Relentless” quest line.
    • Good news for all you quest lovers! After issues we had with the “Relentless” quest line in the previous update and our decision to deactivate it until all issues are fixed, we can now inform you: WE DID IT, the problems are fixed. The quest will be active and hey…just enjoy it!
  • What’s better than a shop? A better shop!
    • We decided to modify the shop, so we reworked the first page as well as the display of the category tabs. We removed the big banner from the first page to have more space for presenting the most interesting offers. That’s not all, do you see the top left side of the first shop page? Now you will find special offers there in a banner that can contain several items and automatically rotates them. Cool, isn’t it? The banner shows all information about the sold items like limited time, count or discounts.
  • Player’s wish is our command!
    • Sometimes I would like to have longtimer ice cream that grants 300% more ice cream, but a longtimer in The West which is now called "Higher Speed" bonus has to be enough. Everybody can buy it, regardless the character class or level. You just buy it and scoop 200% movement speed, easy as pie.


  • Holiday spook was not available on December the 31st, now it will
  • Bag of hearts from 2014 was still usable during this year’s Valentine’s Day event. Sorry Guys, not going to happen next year
  • City founders will no longer have possibility to “mess around”, editing the town profile of other cities when they leave their own one
  • Now Mortician stats display is going to be “menacingly” good
  • For those who like changes, changing the forum icons will be possible again
  • Work clothes will work properly with the upgraded items
  • Break is a time to regenerate your health, so after it your health amount will be shown correctly now
  • You won’t be able to craft multiple 600+CP recipes without a cooldown, you know that a rest is needed after work, right?
  • Crafting queue button won’t break formatting for items with long names
  • Crafting several items at once with just one click will be now counted as SEVERAL not as 1 in the achievement statistic

Version 2.24

Features and improvements

  • Arrows in the rotating banner.
    • We decided to add small arrows to the rotating banner to make looking through current offers faster and easier.
  • “Join town” premium feature removed.
    • There was a premium feature that allowed to switch from town to town without the cool-down. Now, the town-hopping will be possible only with a proper break. So whenever you leave a town and want to join a new one you will have to wait. The more often you hop the longer your cool-down will be.
  • Theater daily quest removed.
    • Because the theater is currently not available there is no possibility to watch videos and as a result complete the “Theater daily quest”, therefore we decided to remove it.
  • BBcode button bar is back to the in-game Town Forum.
    • Editing a Town Forum message without bbcode buttons was difficult, and because we want contacting with your friends nice and easy we added the bbcode button bar.
  • Town councilors pin your towns to the blackboard!
    • As a town councilor you are able to invite other players, but you were not able to pin your town onto the blackboard. It will be possible now!
  • Friends in telegram address book.
    • Previously you could send telegrams only to town or alliance members and leaders. From now on you will also have your friends in the telegram address book, just to be in touch with them.
  • The “new” tag removed from the report menu.
    • The "read" status of a notification is connected to a related report now, so when clicking on the job/duel/etc. completion notification bar you will have your reports marked as read without even looking at them. This option will be useful if you prefer to check the duel or job results in notifications rather than in reports.
  • “Equip” button on the cloth calk.
    • At the moment, the cloth calk presents the best items which can be used to complete a job. You had to click on every item one by one to equip them. Thanks to the “equip” button shown items will be quipped directly after just one click.


  • Portal registration.
    • Registered via Portal? So probably you did not receive welcome mail with email address confirmation. This is fixed now, and all you Portal registered will receive welcome emails for sure.
  • Crafting “+/-“ button.
    • There was some trouble with not working crafting “+/-“ button after opening the skills menu but we want to inform you that it’s working properly now.
  • Leadership bonus in fort battles.
    • The leadership bonus value was wrongly displayed in the fort battles. Now it will be ^0.5 just as it should have been. So every leader will get what he deserves.

Version 2.25

Features and improvements

  • Item count
    • We know that some achievements require items counted in thousands and because of long numbers there was a problem with displaying the count between 1k and 99k, now it will be presented in a nicer way.
  • Rotating banner sale icon
    • When you hover over the rotating banner sale icon it will show you the time left for the sale. So now you will know how much time you still have to buy goodies.
  • Overlapping longtimer
    • When we added a new collector’s sale category to the shop, the search bar was overlapping the longtimer which did not look good. It is fixed now and the view is much better.
  • “Heal ALL the people”
    • We decided that “Heal ALL the people” achievement icon should be more of a western style so we have replaced it with a brand new one. But you have to check that on your own.
  • Inactive shop tab icons.
    • Previously our shop categories when not selected were quite dark, now they are going to be displayed in a clearer way.
  • Horseshoe and footsteps icons
    • Previously when you had to reach a certain destination to do a chosen job you were informed about time needed for that via text "transit time" and hours/minutes/seconds information, we have replaced the text with horseshoes or footsteps icons, depending if you are using a horse or your feet.


  • HP bonus
    • Before the fix the HP bonus was way too big on the upgrade level 1 and there was no bonus for the next upgrade levels. We have corrected the calculations for item upgrading and now there is a proper bonus for each upgrade level, with the initial bonus being lower than before.
  • Quarter horse
    • The quarter horse will be an upgradable item from now on.

Version 2.26

Features and improvements

  • Automatic renewal of premium features by bonus medals
    • Bonus medals that give temporary premium features are given out on special occasions like events or the traveling fair. When used these also activated the automatic renewal for the equivalent premium feature.
    • Because you did not expect the badges to work like that we decided to remove the automatic premium renewal from all medals.
  • Free third set slot in the item manager
    • Some of you suggested that it would be great if we could add a free third set slot to all users in the equipment manager. We agree and decided to add one more slot and hope that it will make your playing experience a bit easier.
  • Thousand separator in the player statistics
    • Because we have a thousand separators in most our screens but not in the statistics, and many players asked for that, we decided to add them. We hope that this will make the numbers easier to read.
  • New daily tasks
    • The pool of daily tasks has been augmented with two new ones: “Win one Adventure” and “Jobs done”. Check them in the game and see how they work!
  • Item number font shadow removed
    • After getting a lot of Community feedback on this we took the decision to remove the text-shadow from item numbers, as it made some numbers on certain backgrounds too hard to read.
  • Hope Dies Last: Level requirement change
    • We decided to increase the minimum level requirement for the questline "Hope dies last" from 100 to 104.


  • Tutorial clouds not disappearing
    • Sometimes the clouds did not clear properly after finishing the tutorial. After this patch they should disappear and present you with a variety of destinations.
  • Adventure penalty timer not working properly
  • The timer that gives players a penalty when they leave adventures early was not resetting properly under all circumstances. This has been fixed. The penalty timer now resets properly once the player has finished an adventure.
  • Chat window not working properly after finishing an adventure
    • After finishing an adventure the chat window stopped working properly until the page was refreshed. This issue has been fixed.
  • Replacing one set without one without a gun
    • When replacing an equipped item set with a set that did not include a fort weapon in the equipment manager, the set was saved but the player was unable to equip it. Replacing a set with one without a fort weapon works properly now.
  • Item upgrading bonuses not added to the interface
    • When you equipped upgraded items the bonus was not added properly to the stats and the work windows. Now the correct bonus values for equipping upgraded items are shown.
  • Wrong skill amount shown for level zero items
    • When wearing some level 0 items an additional skill or attribute point was added to the skills menu. After the fix the values of level zero items are correct.
  • Premium "cash pay-in" icon removed from worlds with reduced premium options
    • There is a premium feature in the game that lets players transfer money to their bank account from anywhere on the map. This feature is not active on all worlds. The button to use this feature was shown on all worlds and clicking on did not work. Now it is shown only on worlds where the feature is active.
  • Item loss during world migration
    • Under certain circumstances it was possible that some upgraded items were not copied over when migrating to a different server. This issues has been resolved and all items will be properly delivered when changing your hunting grounds.
  • Eastwood's vest misaligned in the player profile
    • Eastwood's vest was not properly aligned when looking at the player profile. The vest has been brought back into shape and will now fit you nicely. (WEST-10111)

Version 2.27

Features and improvements

  • New Quest Line
    • "Lamb in the forest" is our new quest line, hope you will enjoy it.
  • Desert Treasure quest line item
    • We have added a western style comic book as a quest reward.
  • Number of quests
    • The number of quests that can be accepted at the same time on all markets is now 50.
  • Compass
    • Searching for products using the compass gives a list of jobs doing which you will only get searched item.
  • Education quests
    • We made some improvements to the Education quests descriptions so now they are clearer.
  • New icon
    • We have added a new icon for the daily tasks, it looks really good.
  • Tooltips
    • Tooltips are in proper size for different screen resolutions.
  • Chicken Achievement
    • The chicken achievement has been removed from adventures.
  • Quest line Upgrading for Beginners
    • Upgrading for Beginners is available from level 20 now.
  • Independence Day Event sets
    • Three main Independence Day Event sets are auctionable.


  • MPI penalty timer
    • The MPI penalty timer resets properly and is set to proper values.
  • Right-clicking in Adventures
    • When playing Adventures if you right-clicked and immediately left-clicked afterwards, within a few milliseconds, the movement of the map was stuck to the mouse movement, causing any mouse movement to also move the map even when no button was pressed. Now you will be able to properly play Adventures without the need to refresh the page.
  • Christopher Parade
    • Christopher Parade quest line and repeatable quests work properly now.
  • Shop purchase currency.
    • The default currency when purchasing items in the shop is again bonds.
  • New Year's Eve repeatable quest
    • After the update the start time of the New Year's Eve repeatable quest is correct.
  • Weekend Sale
    • Weekend Sales will appear on all servers.
  • Achievements
    • After migration from one server to a new one the Achievements statistics are being properly migrated as well.
  • Parade set bonus
    • Parade set bonus has been set to 10 instead of 9.

Version 2.29

Features and improvements

  • Buy the set with no name with bonds!
    • Due to the price of 2100 nuggets and the 2000 bonds limit players weren't able to buy the chest with bonds from the shop. The price of the chest has been reduced to 2000 bonds.
  • Improvements for new high level crafting items
    • The new crafting items introduced with version 2.28 have been given buffs. Make good use of them! Please give us feedback on the buffs and/or any additional buffs you want to see in the future!


  • High level crafting items are now auctionable
    • Some of the new crafting items introduced with version 2.28 were not auctionable which made creating certain recipes impossible. This was not intended and has been corrected.
  • The hotel no longer displays wrong duel times
    • Due to our changes with the duel system the hotel was displaying wrong times, resulting in KOed players under duel protection being displayed as being duel-able. This has been fixed.
  • The Traveling Fair now respects events
    • From now on the Traveling Fair will no longer start directly after an ended event but 7-14 days afterwards.

Version 2.30

Features and improvements

  • New quest line: Giant of the land / Giant of the ocean
    • Our questlines to celebrate "Fossils Day" is now available in The West. Go dig up some dinosaurs!
  • Instant Job Finish now active on all full-premium worlds
    • We have activated the "Instant Job Finish" premium features on all worlds that have the full set of premium features enabled.
  • Increased the experience limit from fort battles
    • Previously you could only get a maximum of 4500 XP, now it's 6000.
  • The Oktoberfest 2015 items are now auctionable
    • Go get them! (Or sell them)
  • Item bonus description "Energy bonus" now reads "Refills energy by"
    • The previous description was a bit misleading to new players, so we changed it to be more accurate.
  • Improved explanation on Fort Battle buffs
    • Some players were wondering if and which buffs from fort battles also worked on adventures. We adjusted the texts to include that information where applicable.
  • Chase away highwaymen did not give any money
    • For some reason nobody wanted to pay you for that and the job result always was 0 dollars.
  • Inventory filter for fort construction
    • When depositing items for fort construction an automatic filter will now show you the valid items. Just as you know it from the traveling fair.


  • Fixed issues with the interface not updating anymore
    • Under certain circumstances the server was not responding anymore and the user interface did not update. Many of you fixed this issue with the "The West Connection Booster" userscript. This should not longer be required.
  • Longtimer end date being displayed wrongly
    • Due to a bug the end date of longtimers was displayed wrongly under certain circumstances. Their runtime was correct and this was only a display bug; which has been fixed.

Version 2.32

Features and improvements

  • Duel formula changes
    • The changes to the duel formula we have been testing on the beta server have been implemented on all markets now. Please visit our devblog ( for more information.
    • In addition to the changes mentioned we also decreased the soldiers tactic bonus from 50% to 25%.
    • Please let us know what you think about the changes! We are still monitoring the duel system closely and will adjust it where needed.
  • Picking up large amounts of items from the market
    • Similar won auctions are now grouped together in the current bid tab of the town market. You may collect them all with just one click.


  • Deactivating auto extension of premium Features
    • Under certain circumstances the boxes to deactivate the auto extension of premium features disappeared. This has been corrected.
  • Quest requirements in German
    • In non-German language versions quest requirements that asked the player to open a specific window (for example the town screen) showed up in German.
  • Information about the worker bonus XP
    • In the previous hotfix we already corrected the information on the bonus XP workers get as a class bonus. In some places the update information was still missing and has been updated.
  • Advent calendar not working properly
    • The advent calendar handed out by Maya was not working properly. As the Advent calendar was not adjusted for item upgrading it failed to load the proper items.
    • Enjoy your presents. And remember: don’t open it early!

Version 2.31

Features and improvements

  • New quest-line: "Dark is the night"
    • Embark on a spooky adventure to find Maya’s nephew on the local cemetery. It’s available for players from level 105 on.
  • New quest-line: "Trail of the spirits"
    • The winner quest of our Indian quest contest called “Trail of the spirits” is now available for players from level 115 on.


  • Quest-log issues
    • Under certain circumstances players were no longer able to use the quest-book anymore. We applied a temporary fix for that on Tuesday the 3rd of November. One change needed was that the amount of quests that can be accepted simultaneously had to be reduced to 30. If you have more than 30 quests active you need to remove quests (until you have 29 active) to be able to accept more again. We are looking into a long-term solution to be able to raise the quest cap again.
  • A Western Nightmare
    • We readjusted the requirements of the repeatable American Nightmare quest-line which occurred to players trying to repeat it a second time. These changes should solve the problems for most players. There might still be players having issues as different players are stuck on different parts of the quest-line. We will monitor this and adjust it accordingly. Quest starting too early
  • Repeatable quests
    • Due to a bug with our content tools all repeatable quests were starting too early (same date as they do on beta). This has been fixed with this patch. Any repeatable quest-line that started before the patch will still be available too early and might therefore not work properly (e.g.: items not dropping) for seven days.

Version 2.33

Features and improvements

  • New repeatable Christmas quest
    • We implemented a small and easy quest which players can do every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. A reward waits for those willing to help an grumpy old man during Christmas!
  • Auction the Dead!
    • All items from the Day of the Dead card-game are now auctionable. Visit you local market today and get your very own Xoloitucuintli!
  • Bonds limit raised!
    • For players to be able to buy the Christmas Sale chests for bonds we raised the bonds limit from 2000 to 3000. The new cap is permanent.
  • A sea of flowers!
    • We retroactively added the "A sea of flowers" achievement to all worlds who reached the achievement reward level in this years Day of the Dead event. This also included the new title "Guide of the dead".
  • Adjusted the start date of the "Crispy Cold" quest-line
    • As it was confusing for our players to have the base and repeatable questline start on different days the "Crispy Cold" quest-line was adjusted. The base quest-line will now also start on the 2nd of December, the same date as the repeatable version of the quest-line.
  • Polishing pistols
    • The "Precise Peacemaker" and "Precise army revolver" had wrong or blemished graphics. These have been corrected.
  • Fort Battle performance improvements and trouble-shooting
    • With the start of our "International Fort Battle Championship" we gather a lot of data on our Fort Battles and we are currently using this to improve the performance of our Fort Battles, primarily in the field of server-load. Additionally have been fixing other issues that came to surface during this event. We continue working on this to make sure the championship can run smoothly.
  • Server stability and performance
    • We identified and addressed several issues leading to recent cases of server instability and performance issues. We continue working on improvements in this area.

Version 2.34

Features and improvements

  • The Nicolas set is now auctionable
    • You can now take the items to the market and share the joy of Christmas! (Or profit on it)
  • Yage
    • For a limited time you can buy an item in the shop which allows you to lower your duel level from 450 to 449. This only affects your current duel level, not your total duel xp in the rankings. This item can only be used by characters with a duel level of 450!
  • Gold Rush questline
    • Due to issues with the gold rush questline we adjusted the quest giver and questline to run from February 14th, for 30days, to allow players to finish it. These times will be reverted to the old values with a future patch.
  • Adjusted the drop chance of the third key
    • The third key is obtained from the jobs "Grave robber" and "Travelling merchant". The drop chance for finding it as a grave robber was significantly lower. This value has been adjusted to be more in line with working as a traveling merchant.
  • Improvements to the chat system
    • We worked on several technical improvements to the chat system. It should now perform and work better, sending out messages faster and more reliable.
  • Valentines quests
    • The Valentines quest from 2015 is now repeatable and can be done every year. It will automatically unlock and is no longer bound to the event.
  • Error when trying to join an alliance restricted fort battle you do not belong to
    • A technical error readout was displayed. This has been changed with a more helpful message.


  • Fixes for several for repeatable questlines
    • Due to the recent issues with repeatable questlines we found out that there were several problems with how the quest system worked and individual quests were configured. These conditions made them impossible to complete quests or would have broken them in the future.
  • Stuck on New Years questline
    • Under certain conditions it was possible to be stuck on the New Years questline. This should not longer be the case.
  • Rounding issues for upgraded items
    • Some items displayed wrong values after upgrading. This was due to a rounding error, which has been addressed.
  • Migration is not possible
    • Under certain circumstances characters were not able to migrate from one server to another.
  • Telegrams being sent in the wrong language
    • Some of the telegrams automatically being sent by the game were shown in the wrong language. Now you should now be able to understand what those NPCs want from you.
  • Nightcap was shown in the wrong language
    • On some markets the Nightcap and it's description were shown in the wrong language. This has been fixed.
  • Burned down hut not available after December 31st
    • The quest giver was not configured correctly and therefore did not show up. This has been fixed.
  • Collect dollars from the market for nuggets is now possible again
    • Due to a bug introduced by changes in the market system this feature was not working anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a server crash
    • Under certain conditions this issues was able to cause a world to crash. This has been fixed.

Version 2.35

Features and improvements

  • Counting Crows
    • All items from the Crow's Valentine's event set are now upgradeable as well as auctionable
  • Watch a movie every day!
    • The daily task to watch a movie in the theatre should now be available again on all language versions
  • New country belts!
    • We added a number of additional country belts. You will find them in the shop shortly. Sorry that it took so long Belgium. And Israel. And Austria. And Japan. And ...
  • Country belt changes
    • We adjusted the statistics of the country belts slightly. They now feature a level based bonus and are useable from level 1
    • The Confederate and Indian belt got similar changes but still have their level requirement and additionally gained a work point bonus.
  • Added a hint on how to find the three eggs
    • The Easter questline in which players have to find the three eggs for Maya was confusing for some players. Since they missed the quest "Save the Saloon, part 2" the quest was showing up for them but the quest locations did not. We added a hint to the quest so that players know how to proceed.
  • Dynamic quest timeframes for Easter questlines
    • We implemented a new way to handle our Easter quests. The start/end times are now set automatically. This way we no longer need to manually adjust these every year.
    • The quest "Easter" from the "Little things" questline (quest ID 165) now runs from 72 hours (3 days) before Easter Sunday (midnight) until 96 hours (4 days) afterwards. The new timeframe for 2016 is: 24.03.2016 at 00:00 until 31.03.2016 at 00:00.
    • The questline "Easter" (base and repeatable) now start 72 hours (3 days) before Easter Sunday (midnight) and end 432 hours (18 days) after Easter sunday. The new timeframe for 2016 is: 24.03.2016 at 00:00 until 14.04.2016 at 00:00.
    • The questgroup "Finding Mister Easter Bunny" now runs from Easter Sunday (midnight) until 336 hours (14 days) afterwards. The new timeframe for 2016 is: 27.03.2016 at 00:00 until 10.04.2016 at 00:00.
  • The Easter Bunny's hide
    • To complete the achievement "The Easter Bunny's hide" players were asked to wear the items from the Easter bunnies set. The quest is now available again and players will find these items in the UBP shop during Easter for the price of 10 bonds/nuggets each.


  • Nutcracker exchange
    • Due to a configuration error some players received a second nutcracker during Christmas instead of a skillpoint. We will run a script after the update to retroactively add the missing skillpoint to these players.
  • Christmas Bounty
    • When opening the Advent calendar in January (or later) players got a bounty on their head. Now you will only get a marble for opening it late.
  • More tomatoes!
    • Previously it was not possible to consume more than one fresh tomato salad. Now you can eat as many as you want!
  • Fixed crafting limit
    • It should no longer possible to exceed the maximum crafting level of 700 by batch crafting a large amount of green recipes.
  • Romeo is now foolish at the same date
    • The base and repeatable "One foolish Romeo" questlines are now accessible during the same timeframe (14.02. 10:00am until 03.03. 00:00am). This fix was rolled out with version 2.34.2 already but was missing from the changelog.
  • Fort Battle Championship Player titles
    • The player titles "Fort Battle Master", "Fort Battle Champion" and "Fort Battle Expert" have been added to the game and will be added to the top three team's players shortly.
  • Fort Battle Championship Medals
    • The players from the three winning team will also receive a medal. The current stats are preliminary and might be adjusted in the near future; depending on the testing currently going on on our beta worlds.

Version 2.36

Features and improvements

  • New quest-line: "Mission un-passible"
    • John has a special mission for you! Can you beat the Gang?
    • A new quest-line containing 14 quests is now available for all players level 132 or higher.
    • For finishing the final quest the achievement "KUCKUNNIWI" which will grant you the title "Little Wolf" is being awarded.
  • New unique item which will be given out for the Hollywest winners (Places 1-3 and market winners): Clapperboard
    • +2 Dexterity
    • +0.2 Tactics (per Level)


  • Achievement of the category adventures was set as the 32nd achievement but not doable
    • Unfortunately a 32nd achievement of the adventure category was visible in-game but not doable for players. Therefore we removed it.
  • Ignoring yourself was possible in the chat
    • It was possible to ignore yourself in the chat which obviously was not intended.
  • Quest no. 1129 "Common sense" wasn't fulfillable with the bonus of a Mojo
    • While using a Mojo to fulfill the quest requirements it was not fully recognized by the quest and so it could happen that the quest wasn't finishable with this ongoing bonus.
  • Saloon displayed wrong experience and duel experience for duels
    • The amount of experience and duel experience which can be gained from a duel should now be shown correctly in the Saloon.
  • Sometimes it was possible to finish the "Brewing bad" quest-line after the first quest
    • This issue has been fixed and should not happen anymore.
  • Problems with apostrophes in the quest book
    • Apostrophes were only shown with a numeric code in the quest book.

Version 2.37

Features and improvements

  • New quest-line: "Detective needed"
    • Your detective skills are needed! Can you figure out how to solve all quests and to arrest the bank robber?
    • A new quest-line containing 12 quests is now available for all players level 128 or higher.
    • For finishing the final quest the achievement "Sheriff's spy" which will grant you the title "Sheriff's spy" is being awarded.


  • Luck tooltip on jobs with several drops was missing
    • Jobs with several drops only displayed the luck value of the first item in the mouse-over tooltip.
  • Premium icons to buy skill points were visible on worlds where this premium option is deactivated
    • The icons for this premium option were visible but not usable on worlds where this option is deactivated.
  • The quest "Wild Horses" had a too high level requirement
    • The level requirements of this quest have been corrected and should be back to normal again.
  • The quest "Main street" count done total bandit duels instead of new ones
    • The quest requirements have been changed now so that only new bandit duels will count instead of already done bandit duels.

Version 2.38

Features and improvements

  • New quest-line: "Black Treasure (part 1)"
    • During your hard work in the prairie of the West you suddenly find something unexpected! What should you do now?
    • A new quest-line containing 14 quests is now available for all players level 135 or higher who are able to find the special quest item to unlock this quest!
    • For finishing the final quest the achievement "A baby boy" is being awarded.


"Medal for Merit" had wrong bonuses

    • The item was missing the per level bonus which has been added now.
  • Missing translation in Independence day event window
    • The "Free" button in the independence day event window was missing its translation and the category name for the global rewards was wrong.
  • The last quest of the new quest-line "West Point" showed up twice
    • The quest "This is the end." was finishable two times in a row which wasn't intended.

Version 2.39

Features and improvements

  • New quest-line: "Black Treasure (part 2)"
    • Go back to the old mine to find out more about the black treasure and the mysterious preacher. The Story continues!
    • A new quest-line containing 15 quests is now available for all players level 135 or higher who were able to unlock and finish part 1 already!
    • For finishing the final quest the achievement "Your black treasure" is being awarded.


  • Added missing in-game changelogs
    • Since version 2.35 the in-game changelogs were missing and have now been added.

Version 2.40

Features and improvements

  • New quest-line: "The campaign"
    • Your Indian friends urgently need you help because the Whites want to take the old land from the Sioux! Will you be able to achieve an agreement or is war the only alternative in this case?
    • A new quest-line containing 16 quests is now available for all players level 130 or higher!
    • For finishing the final quest the achievement "Indians' friend" is being awarded. Furthermore depending on the decision which of 3 different quests will be finished the title "Superperforator", "Disturbed grandpa" / "Disturbed grandma" or "Cannon fodder" will be granted.
  • Special quest-line: "The Colcord story"
    • Meet Charles Colcord, successful cattlerancher, U.S. Marshal, Chief of Police, businessman, and pioneer of the Old West... What a hell of a guy!
    • This quest-line contains 13 quests and can be started from August 11th (11:00) to September 30th (23:59) for all players who finished Showdown (Save the saloon, part 2)!
    • For finishing the final quest the achievement "Colcord's Friend" which will grant you the title "Businessman" is being awarded. Furthermore the generous Mr. Charles Colcord will give you a very special present.

Version 2.41

Features and improvements

  • New quest-line: "Business Idea"
    • Help Maya to set up her own business so that she can earn money and get herself the handbag of her dreams!
    • A new quest-line containing 11 quests is now available for all players level 128 or higher.
    • For finishing the final quest, the achievement "Business with Maya" is being awarded, as well as a new title "Artisan"
  • Independence Day event items now auctionable
    • The Blacksmith, Chinese Hose Runner, Stranger from the North and Wolfman's sets are now auctionable.


  • Indian Village not available during "The Campaign"
    • The quest "Preparations" of the quest-line "The Campaign" requires to go to the Indian Village, but the quest giver was not available for some players.
  • Colcord's high boots
    • The high boots from the Colcord set had twice a mobility bonus by mistake.