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Secret Quests are only available when certain conditions are met. These requirements often include:

  • Certain times of day and/or week
  • Certain clothing equipped
  • Previous quest lines completed and decisions made

A list of secret quests is below. Look at your own risk!

List of Secret Quests

This section of our wiki is dedicated to the logging of secret game content. All forms of quests, secret quests and methods to obtain special items can be listed here. By working in teams overcoming some quests becomes a lot easier - this page offers the results of many hours of discussion in our Quests Forum.

By proceeding into this page, you agree that you are willing to be exposed to spoilers and will not repost these spoilers outside this page. If you would prefer to solve these quests on your own then please close this page. Before editing this page please be sure to consult the relevant thread in the Quests Forum (link above).

The Raid

Note Part Three

Hernando's Sword

Belle Starr's Derringer

Heavy Labor

The Broken Chair

The Ghost Town (Clothes make the man)

Wash Dirty Laundry

The Murder

It Smells Like a Treasure

The Golden Colt

The Golden Sabre

The Golden Gun